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Layout Tipps & Tricks

Layout Tipps & Tricks

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Moisture sensitive components

The plastic housings of components (often in BGAs, QFPs and LEDs) can have a hygroscopic effect. This means that moisture is attracted and water retention is increased.

Such components are marked by the manufacturer and divided into eight moisture classes (Moisture Sensitivity Level, MSL).

Accordingly, attention must be paid to storage and handling.



In the SMT production at Ginzinger electronic systems the equipment for welding, storing and drying of the components is available. The higher the MSL rating, the higher the requirements for the production process.



Lagerung von MSL - Bauteilen

Lagerung von MSL - Bauteilen



NOTE: We recommend selecting components with a low MSL. Components with a higher MSL cause more work to be done in the storage area and therefore cause additional costs.


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