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Quality Assurance at Ginzinger

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Trust is Good, Control is Better

We put components, assemblies and processes through their paces to nip potential problems in the bud.

We see our organization, our products and services, and all the people belonging to our organization interacting as a total product. With this we offer functional as well as emotional and social benefits.
Each product is subjected to appropriate tests based on the requirements and risks. As a standard, the material data of all components, the process parameters of the production and the measured values of the end-of-line tests for each individual serial number are automatically documented in a database.
In order to meet the requirements and wishes of our important stakeholders - first and foremost our customers - we work according to the principles of the EFQM model.

The quality assurance department has numerous options for the random testing of prototypes and series products. In the metallography laboratory and with our own X-ray equipment, components and assemblies can be put through their paces and literally x-rayed.

Supplier Audits

We live an intensive partnership with our suppliers. We only allow components of the highest quality into our company. We also convince ourselves of this personally and on site.

Certified Processes

We work according to strict process specifications and also have these certified. International standards are a matter of course for us.

100% Traceability

We record all production steps in real time. This enables us to guarantee complete traceability even years later.

Test Equipment Construction

We live Design for Testability. Inspection and test of the assemblies are considered from the beginning.

Ginzinger Röntgengerät

X-ray Laboratory

We also see hidden areas. With our X-ray system, we can inspect solder joints under complex components and precisely isolate potential sources of defects.

Metallurgie Schleifen

Metallurgy Lab

We care about the good connection between component and board. In our metallurgy laboratory, we take a very close look at the quality of the solder joints.

SPI - Solder Paste Inspection

We control the volume of solder paste in 3D and on each board so that this critical process step is safeguarded in every case.

3D AOI - Automatic Optical Inspection

We measure the assemblies in 3D after soldering. The automatic view from all sides checks components, solder joints and precision.

EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility

We ensure electromagnetically clean and interference-resistant electronics. Even during the development process, we can carry out pre-tests in-house and quickly take any necessary changes into account.

Weiss Klimaschrank

Climate Tests

We put your products through their paces in the climatic chamber to ensure that they function just as reliably in cold Siberia as they do in hot India.

We are your partner if you do not want to leave anything to chance.