Artificial intelligence in embedded systems

We bring the foundation for machine learning into your system!

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Embedded AI Plattform

In all our projects, we value personal contact and a highly professional implementation.

We have a clear focus on sustainable solutions to give you a technological edge in the market.

Whether in the field of hardware or software, IoT or cloud - as a full-service provider for electronic solutions, we are your partner!

In doing so, the goal and basis of our trade:

  •     We create advanced user interfaces,
  •     We connect your device to the Internet of Things,
  •     We bring the basis for artificial intelligence into your project.

"Artificial intelligence and machine learning will strongly shape our daily lives in the coming years. For embedded systems, this means completely new use cases and technical possibilities!"

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Mario Salhofer
Customer consulting and partner management


The foundation for artificial intelligence

Powerful hardware

For project use, we usually use Ginzinger's own i.MX8 M+ development board as a starting point.

The i.MX8 M+ platform is distinguished by a hardware acceleration for the calculation of neuronal networks (so-called NPU).

We have prepared the following practical features for use in your project:

  • Smart sensor technology such as brightness, accelerometer, etc.
  • Camera streams
  • Display extension and HDMI
  • Connectivity with Gigabit Ethernet, CAN FD and USB 3.0
Diagramm GELin Anwendung

Proven embedded Linux

Our embedded Linux distribution and toolchain GELin, tried and tested for over ten years, has now been extended with AI / ML capabilities.

New on board for artificial intelligence you will find:

i.MX8 M+ NPU support for full speed.

  • Own hardware accelerator for neural networks
  • Integrated in kernel and userspace

Pyhton as a popular AI/ML development language

  • With extensive libraries such as NumPy, Scipy and Tflite

Templates ready-made for your easy start into Machine Learning projects

  • label_image: Image classification in C++
  • label_wave: Word classification in Python

Flexible AI tool-sets

The existing GELin development toolchain has been extended for use with machine learning.

Based on Tensor Flow Lite, you have a powerful and very well-supported basis for artificial intelligence at your disposal.

For an easy start into your Machine Learning project: Several demos have been set up to illustrate use cases!

  • Vision Demo: Image classification and object recognition
  • NLP Demo: Recognition of defined keywords

We implement further integration of project-specific use cases of artificial intelligence with experts in our partner network and can thus offer extensive and high-performance solutions.