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Highest quality standards in development and production

Certifications and sustainability

Zertifikate auf der Wand von Ginzinger

Certifications and compliance

Sustainable developments and
high quality production

We are committed to the highest quality and sustainable actions in the development as well as the manufacture of the products we produce. 

We have summarized our values in the Compliance Rules. They also include our efforts to make a sustainable and positive contribution to the protection of the environment within our sphere of influence. The related documents can be found here.

The relevant standards and regulations of our customers and the electronics industry are the basis of our processes. For your safety and quality we are continuously certified.

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Standards and certificates are the basis for our processes, which we continuously develop and optimize.

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Erich Auer
Head of Quality Management


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Sustainability and Company Compliance

We live sustainability

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Building, environment and technology

Economical use of resources and environmental protection is of great concern to us: 

  • Complete building air conditioning
  • Building cooling via groundwater
  • Heating via heat pump 
  • Active waste heat recovery
  • Daylight-dependent lighting and shading
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Compliance and rules of conduct

We are committed to:

  • Fairness and trust
  • Openness and transparency
  • Sustainability in solutions 
  • Long-term, joint planning
  • Support, even when things are difficult
Vier Mitarbeiter bei Besprechung mit Leiterplatten

Our employees

Our employees are our success factors - that's why we live:

  • Freedom and personal responsibility
  • Focus on solution orientation
  • Further education and self-realization
  • Balance between work and life

Safe processes

ISO certifications and KBA approval

ISO 9001 Logo

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

For years, ISO 9001 has been a foundation for quality in the company.

Continuous improvement of processes, methods and tools accompany our actions and strive for absolute quality.

ISO 13485 Loo

ISO13485 - Medical devices

ISO 13485 certification demonstrates our capability for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

When it comes to safe processes in development and 100% traceability in production, you can count on us. 

KBA Logo

KBA - Federal Motor Transport Authority

For motor vehicles intended for road traffic, the KBA assumes the recognition of technical services, the recognition of conformity assessment bodies that evaluate and monitor quality assurance in the manufacture of vehicles and vehicle parts.

In the context of Ginzinger, this means: The KBA grants approval for the quality management system for the development and production of electronics

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