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GELin Embedded Linux

  • Tailor-made embedded platform without ballast.
  • Scalable from low-end to high-end.
  • Proven and sustainably established operating system.
  • Future-proof, easily portable and expandable.
  • One contact for development, maintenance and support.
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Embedded Linux has long since proven and established itself as the operating system of modern embedded systems. Whether printers, WLAN routers or the fruit scales in the supermarket: Every day we use the functions of "embedded" systems that reliably perform their tasks.

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Ginzinger has been developing customized, fully integrated complete solutions for its customers for more than a decade with GELin, the Ginzinger Embedded Linux Distribution. You get a proven and reliable solution from one source and have only one contact for development, maintenance and support.

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Andreas Pfeiffer
Director Customer Consulting and Marketing

Linux Knowledge - Frequently Asked Questions

On August 25, 1991, the Finnish student Linus Torvalds wrote that he was working as a hobby on a free operating system that would "not become big and professional". With that, he was sorely mistaken. At that time Linux should have found its original application in the strongly spread PCs. These were equipped with x86 chips from Intel. However, Microsoft with its MS Dos and Windows had already asserted itself on this. Today, not only about 80 percent of all smartphones run on Linux: Linux runs in every modern car and other countless devices, from fruit scales in the supermarket to W-LAN routers at home.

Linux has been in commercial use since 1992 and is successfully deployed in everything from wristwatches to supercomputers. Linux runs on many server systems for databases, web sites and groupware around the globe. It is estimated that 2/3 of all web servers use Linux as their operating system. Operating systems like Android on cell phones and tablets, as well as many smart TVs are based on Linux. Routers, printers, NAS and many other devices in the IT world run on Linux. And last but not least, many developers of embedded devices in various industry segments, such as medical, automotive, aerospace or automation, rely on the modularity, security and robustness of Linux as a platform.

Around the globe, thousands and thousands of developers are working on the further development and debugging of Linux. These developers are by no means just nerds or hackers in a quiet room, but many highly paid software specialists from well-known companies like IBM, who use the operating system themselves. If security gaps and errors appear in the system, they are usually quickly eliminated and made available on the Internet. The maturity of the Linux software, its tools and development environment is therefore very high and the system extremely stable.

In principle, anyone can download the GNU and Linux sources from the Internet and assemble their own operating system including tools. However, the effort is not to be underestimated and hardly feasible without expert knowledge. Fortunately, there are communities and companies that offer Linux distributions. Distributions are completely prepared packages with utilities and usually many application packages that allow easy installation of a Linux system. The best known distributions are Ubuntu, Suse and Redhat. In addition, however, there are countless derivatives that are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Most of them can also be obtained and used free of charge from the Internet.

The source code of the operating system is free of charge and freely available. Even if the software itself is "free", one must not neglect costs for the maintenance and care of a system. For rapid deployment on a particular hadware platform, it is recommended to use a customized Linux distribution. The providers of the distributions then also offer the necessary training and support for smooth development. Ginzinger electronic systems offers with GELin a complete solution for embedded systems.

What are the Advantages of Embedded Linux?

  • As the operating system core of embedded systems in devices, Linux allows developers to focus primarily on their own application for the device.
  • The substructure - e.g. graphical displays, key inputs, network connectivity or software updates - is available in the package and does not need to be reprogrammed.
  • New technologies and requirements - such as the switch from IPv4 to IPv6 - can be integrated "off the shelf" with manageable effort.
  • With embedded Linux, you can reach your project goal more quickly with higher software quality and can react more quickly to changes.
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Advantages of GELin – Ginzinger Embedded Linux

  • Mainline-compliant embedded Linux distribution
  • Source code completely disclosed
  • Quick start with turnkey development kits
  • Hardware & software optimally matched with minimal resource requirements
  • Extensive tools for license-compliant use of open source software
  • Verified and qualified tools, libraries, frameworks
  • Long-term all-round carefree package, extensive, maintenance and support
  • Security databases always in view
Linux Anwendungen, Betriebssystem und Hardware

Start immediately with GELin

Faster to the Prototype, Faster to the Product

Turnkey Tools

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Setup Wizard
  • Project templates
  • A sense of achievement in just a few minutes

Evaluation Boards

  • Boards for every application
  • Extensive interfaces
  • Graphical touch displays
  • Network connection

Quick-Start Training and Support

  • Start-Up Training for GELin Development
  • Training for Application Developers
  • Online webinars and learning videos
  • Maintenance and support agreements

Turnkey Tools for Embedded Developers

Using the Quick Start Guide, Setup Wizard and ready-made project templates, the developer can have the first executable project running on the target system in just a few minutes. GELin includes all development tools such as GNU Cross-Compiler Suite, QtCreator, Eclipse IDE and intuitive configuration tools for projects, kernel and file system. Power users also have all the freedom to adapt the development environment to their needs using scripting and integration interfaces.

In addition, GELin comes with tools for the automatic collection of license information and documentation in the project to ensure open source license compliance from the outset. Software frameworks like Qt5, NodeJS and proven concepts for data management, failsafe update and multi-touch complete the package. With the GELin features for project and variant management, there are no limits for the developer.

Blick über die Schulter eines Software Entwicklers bei Ginzinger

Evaluation Boards in Product Development

When starting a project, developers need to get into product development as quickly as possible. Most of the time, the hardware is not yet available at this point. With the Embedded Linux Development Kits from Ginzinger electronic systems applications can be developed immediately.

All necessary software components and interfaces are ready to use at the start of the project. Desired functions can be tested with the later used processor platform and interfaces. The programmer can therefore develop, test and evaluate his software - even before the device hardware exists. 

Ginzinger DevKit

GELin Quick-Start Training and Support

We equip you with the knowledge you need to get started with your product development as quickly as possible. Learn more about the different license types and what you should pay attention to. Start your first steps in the operating system together with us. After a short time you will be able to bring a target system to life without the help of a programming language. In the course you will design graphical user interfaces, make LEDs light up and drive a motor via a CAN interface. All this can be implemented relatively quickly thanks to Linux. The course content will be adapted to your needs and previous knowledge.

Ginzinger electronic systems continuously offers online webinars and learning videos on different aspects of embedded systems development. By means of long-term maintenance and support agreements, we support you throughout the entire life cycle of your device.

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