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We take a look behind the scenes and show you how we provide you with interesting information at Ginzinger.

Andrea Renezeder Portrait
by Andrea Renezeder

A department introduces itself

Communication channels have changed rapidly. Many trade journals have disappeared from the market or are now only available online. Trade shows and seminars are being displaced by readily available online events and webinars. Newsletters and mails fight for your attention in the inbox of your mail program. In addition, there are more and more so-called social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

Head of Marketing

Andreas Pfeiffer

Andreas, you are responsible for customer consulting and marketing. What do you do to remain visible as Ginzinger in this environment?

Andreas: All these communication channels are of no use if you have nothing to say. Even in the new world of online communication, if you just spout empty phrases and vie for attention with colorful images, you will quickly lose the interest of your target groups. I think we have a lot to say. A lot of interesting things happen at Ginzinger and with our customers. Our claim is to share our knowledge and report on our experiences. The best example of this is our EMS Design Guide, which is already in its fourth edition and is being snatched out of our hands like the proverbial hot cakes. For me, the best part is when we get to report on projects with our customers. These user stories also generate the greatest response from our readers.

Andreas Pfeiffer Portrait

To the EMS Design Guide

Your professional career has been shaped by technology. So why marketing?

Andreas: My background means that I am familiar with the needs of the market. In electronics and embedded systems, we are dealing with highly complex topics. I have always enjoyed preparing and communicating complicated contexts and products that require explanation in the most comprehensible way possible. You have to put yourself in the other person's shoes and always think about whether you are being understood. That's just as true in a customer meeting as it is in a technical article or a presentation at a webinar.

Distribution of tasks

Andreas: We are a small department. Projects are planned and implemented as a team. Tanja Bruckbauer takes care of everything to do with events. She organizes trade fairs, webinars, customer and employee events. She also supports our customer consultants, who are out and about visiting customers and interested parties when they need marketing-related support. As our graphic designer, Sabine Dengler ensures that our external appearance is visually appealing. She translates our ideas into creative and appealing advertising materials and printed matter. Andrea Renezeder takes care of the press and the preparation of texts, including for this issue of Solutions magazine.

Event organization

Tanja Bruckbauer

Tanja, it was rather quiet in terms of events due to corona, but now it finally starts again with presence events. Are you happy?

Tanja: Of course, it is simply something different to get in touch with people directly. We started this year at the Long Night of Research on May 20. We received very positive feedback regarding the organization and presentation of the company to the outside world. At the end of June, I made my debut at Embedded World in Nuremberg. It was very exciting for me and a great experience. In these times, video conferencing, telephone and e-mail make communication easier for us, but it can by no means completely replace direct contact.

Tanja Bruckbauer Portrait

our events

Graphic & Design

Sabine Dengler

Sabine, you lend the necessary pep to printed matter, advertising materials and company presentations.

Sabine: That's right, whether it's trade show booth design, newspaper ads, printed materials or internal needs such as data sheets and presentations: I take care of the "sprucing up" of all the print types that arise and their transfer to the print shop. Social media should not be neglected either, which is why I attach great importance to stand-out postings, gladly also with small videos. - This is what I enjoy the most: video editing. It's simply impressive what emotions you can arouse with just three-second films.

PR & Public Relations

Andrea Renezeder

What Sabine realizes in graphics and images, Andrea implements textually. You are responsible for the press and the preparation of the texts at Ginzinger.

Andrea: Exactly. I am responsible for communication and building awareness of Ginzinger in our target markets. I keep in touch with the editorial offices of various trade journals. I also write copy for user stories, content for social media, website, newsletter and our customer magazine Solutions. In fact, I'm interviewing myself right now in this conversation (laughs). I enjoy it because I get the opportunity to drum up publicity for Ginzinger and get others excited about us.

Andrea Renezeder Portrait

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