Technology development at Ginzinger

Knowing today what will be important tomorrow: That is the task of technology development at Ginzinger electronic systems. The team from development and customer consulting is constantly on the lookout for future trends and technologies.

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by Andrea Renezeder

The development and customer consulting team is constantly on the lookout for the important trends and technologies of the future in order to secure its customers' lead on the market. In this way, fully developed, pre-implemented hardware and software components for series devices can be provided quickly if required.

In the Ginzinger technology development process , various sources are used to analyze and identify future topics and technology trends. These include current project inquiries as well as a close look at customers' markets and current technical trends. What is currently being discussed where? Where is the journey heading? What are the wishes of Ginzinger's customers?

With pre-developments, customers are supported in quickly testing and developing new markets and target groups. In this way, Ginzinger's customers ensure that they are faster than their competitors with innovations and save costs in the process.

Arbeit an der EMS Broschüre von Ginzinger

Current technology development topics at Ginzinger

They are the hardware and software foundation for the majority of embedded systems realized for customer products. The scalable platform supports different processors. They offer cost efficiency with high computing and graphics performance. Pre-qualified modules are integrated into the final embedded hardware.

As a customized embedded platform without ballast, GELin, the Ginzinger Embedded Linux Distribution, offers scalability from low- to high-end. Thanks to the proven Linux operating system, established over many years, GELin is future-proof, easily portable and extensible. Linux as a robust platform allows customer developers to focus primarily on their own application for the device. The substructure, such as drivers, operating system, various software frameworks or fail-safe update mechanisms is readily available in GELin Parket. Ginzinger embedded Linux platforms are optimally coordinated in terms of hardware and software. This enables fast time-to-market with minimal resource requirements.

They form the cost-effective foundation and the optimal complement to embedded Linux platforms when it comes to time-critical applications, compact controls or minimal costs. Microcontroller platforms integrate many functions on one chip: microprocessor, peripheral functions and partly also memory for program and data. Especially for cost-sensitive projects, they are versatile.

Many embedded systems in different devices are networked. This requires security to be taken into account in the projects from the very beginning. Communication must be flexible, fast and secure. The Ginzinger hardware and software modular system supplemented by professional security management with external partners offers solutions for every application.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) summarizes the complete interaction of the user with the device. Many options are available, from touch displays to buttons, rotary dials or voice input. For touch displays, the seamless integration of the surface material with the electronics and sensor technology is a basic requirement. All requirements demand know-how in different disciplines, such as modern material, display and touch technology.

AI systems are used for image and speech processing, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the analysis of data streams from sensors. By integrating all necessary tools and components in the Ginzinger Embedded Linux Distribution, the use of AI and Machine Learning in the device is easy and straightforward to realize. In addition to the software, hardware accelerators are also used in the embedded platforms.

Ginzinger is constantly expanding and optimizing its manufacturing and production processes. The company's proprietary process of product industrialization enables products to be mass-produced efficiently and effectively in large quantities and with high quality. Process steps and procedures in the company are continuously analyzed in order to introduce improvements. New techniques, such as ultrasonic welding of plastic housings, are implemented according to customer requirements. Production receives all-round support from the company's own Quality Lab. With X-ray equipment and metallurgy lab, short control loops are created for ongoing improvements.

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