Sustainability at Ginzinger 2023

2023, Ginzinger electronic systems has committed itself to the topic of sustainability in the company. One important step is the avoidance of plastic waste.

by Andrea Renezeder

2023, Ginzinger electronic systems has committed itself to the topic of sustainability in the company. We will take various measures and steps to sustainably improve the protection of the environment and the careful use of resources. All areas in the company are affected. All employees are called upon to anchor their contribution to the idea of sustainability in their daily activities.

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Wald mit See

Goods shipment without plastic

An important step is the avoidance of plastic waste in shipping. As of January 1, 2023, we will no longer wrap pallets in plastic film. In the future, all pallet deliveries will be made tied.

Of course, the stability and security of the products will remain guaranteed. In addition, we and our logistics partners ensure that the packed pallets are stored dry until delivery.

This will save us up to 20,000 linear meters of plastic film per year.

In logistics, we also rely on reusable customer and circulation packaging. Cardboard boxes are precisely adapted to the delivery quantities in order to transport as little air as possible. We use only paper and paper grid as stuffing material.

Your contact persons will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of product shipping.

Kartons in Regalen

Green energy for the headquarters

Installation of a new PV system

Since the end of June, a new photovoltaic system on the roof of the company headquarters in Weng in Innkreis has been supplying the company with green electricity. 471 PV modules from the Austrian manufacturer Energetica  generate up to 180 KWp.

Reparieren statt wegwerfen

1. Ginzinger Repair Café

On Friday, June 16, Ginzinger electronic systems hosted the first Repair Café in Weng im Innkreis. At this event, visitors were able to take a look at the faulty devices they had brought with them and repair them together with Ginzinger volunteers.

The repair tables were a hive of activity. People tinkered, talked shop and looked for solutions. Eight Ginzinger volunteers, including company founder Herbert Ginzinger, worked with the visitors to find and rectify faults. From a high-pressure cleaner, an e-scooter and a notebook to a VHS recorder, many different devices were brought along. Many of them were repaired.

All visitors and Ginzinger employees were motivated and happy that afternoon, even if one repair attempt didn't work. After all, it's good will that counts. Over free coffee and cake, people chatted, talked shop and laughed. The voluntary donations will be used to buy consumables for future repair cafés in the region.

for Ginzinger employees

Sustainability competition

A sustainability competition was held for all employees with the aim of promoting awareness of sustainability within the company and encouraging employees to develop and implement sustainable initiatives.

The best ideas were awarded prizes by the management at the company Christmas party on December 15.

  • First place went to Ralph Prosinger, who submitted numerous ideas on the subject and was thus able to secure first place. (e.g. energy community, use of the green areas next to the company building, use of waste heat)
  • 2nd place went to Maria Rinner (multiple use of packaging material)
  • 3rd place went to Roman Adelinger (recycling SMD component packaging made of plastic)

Many thanks to everyone who took part and to the employees' commitment to promoting sustainability within the company!

"I am personally very motivated when it comes to sustainability and am always open to suggestions. The fact that we are increasingly focusing on the topic of sustainability in 2023 came from our employees. Many good ideas were brought to me, from saving resources to the repair cafe. With our focus on sustainability, I want to use the creativity and ideas of our employees to improve even further together."

Tanja Ginzinger Portrait
Tanja Ginzinger

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