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Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

We take over the complete production of electronic assemblies, devices and systems for you: From development to the assembly of printed circuit boards to complete testing, packaging and delivery.

For this purpose, we have invested in one of the most modern production lines and thus raise the standard in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS).

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EMS manufacturing rethought

With our own in-house development, we offer you in-depth know-how for product optimisation. We produce your products with the highest precision and quality - at a very attractive price-performance ratio.

Industrial manufacturing with Ginzinger

With us as your EMS service provider, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Product and production optimisation through our own development department
  • Complete service from procurement to delivery
  • Forward-looking warehousing for the highest possible delivery reliability
  • Ongoing cost and process control for optimum price-performance ratio

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Frequently asked questions about EMS manufacturing

Der Vorteil eines Design Reviews in der EMS Fertigung liegt auf der Hand: Vier Augen sehen mehr als. Egal wo Sie mit Ihrer Entwicklung stehen: Wir helfen Ihnen dabei technisch, und wirtschaftlich das beste aus Ihrem Produkt zu machen. Gemeinsam schaffen wir langlebige Lösungen, die keine Wünsche offen lassen. Wir bieten Ihnen dafür umfangreiche Beratung und Dienstleistungen:

  • Analysis and optimisation proposals for your embedded hardware and software designs.
  • Identification of price and functional optimisation options.
  • Analysis, tips and tricks on legal constraints such as licences, standards and laws.
  • Optimisation of your product in terms of production processes and manufacturing.
  • Ongoing cost control and optimisation in the production of your products.
  • X-ray analysis and metallurgical laboratory.

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The Internet of Things is continuously expanding. Security against malfunctions, attacks from the internet or malware is becoming the focus of attention. With professional security monitoring and management, we not only keep an eye on the electronics, but also on the software, drivers and networking.

If a component cannot be procured, the complete device cannot be produced. Our professional procurement management ensures long-term availability of all necessary components.  We are well networked with international suppliers and procure your components at the right time and at the best price.

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