Increasing the security of supply

In order to further increase the security of supply for customers, Ginzinger has decided to protect a large proportion of the material stored in the storage lifts in addition to the existing fire protection measures.

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At Ginzinger electronic systems, ensuring delivery capability for our customers is always at the center of our efforts. In recent challenging times, we have strengthened our commitment to this goal by maintaining an extensive stock of materials. This is to ensure that our customers do not experience any bottlenecks and are continuously supplied with the products they need.

In order to further increase the security of supply for our customers, we have decided to provide additional protection for a large proportion of our material, some of which consists of critical components that are difficult to obtain and are stored in the storage lifts.

To this end, we have equipped the three new lifts, which were installed in 2022 as part of the conversion and expansion of our production facility, with additional roller shutters. This measure supplements existing fire protection measures and offers maximum protection against external influences.

Die 15 Meter hohen Aufzüge werden ähnlich wie bei der Konstruktion eines Passivhauses abgedichtet und einem abschließenden Blowtest unterzogen. Ab der zweiten Hälfte des Jahres 2024 werden alle MSL-Komponenten direkt im Lagerlift gelagert.

Michael Berger Portrait
DI (FH) Michael Berger

Moisture-sensitive components

MSL stands for "Moisture Sensitivity Level" and refers to certain components, such as BGAs or LEDs, which attract moisture and can accumulate inside the component. These components are specially marked by the manufacturer and supplied in special packaging. Their storage and handling requires special care.

Thanks to the sealing of the lifts and the installation of a drying unit, MSL components can also be stored directly in the lifts in future, as constant humidity control in the lift is guaranteed.

MSL Lagerplatz bei Ginzinger

"The separate process step of drying in the drying cabinet is therefore no longer necessary. This makes handling these special components much easier, as even possible damage to the packaging or defective indicators on the packaging are no longer a problem."

Michael Berger Portrait
DI (FH) Michael Berger

The 15-metre-high lifts will be sealed in a similar way to the construction of a passive house and will undergo a final blow test. From the second half of 2024, all MSL components will be stored directly in the storage lift.

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