Connectivity & Security

Secure connections require technology and know-how

Connectivity is everywhere

Connectivity & Security

Electronic devices that communicate with each other or with a cloud infrastructure are the basis of the Internet of Things (IoT) and many professional applications. For this, communication must be flexible, fast and secure.

We prepare the basis for this. The modular Ginzinger hardware and software module construction kit offers all the possibilities that a networked world requires. The technical possibilities are complemented by professional security management by Ginzinger and its solution partners and security experts.

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We connect systems

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Network and bus

Local connections are characterized by network and bus systems.

When it comes to fast networking of industrial or home devices, there are a variety of options. 

Be it Ethernet, CAN FD or TSN we have the right hardware and the matching drivers for application or µcontrollers. 

Wireless Connections

Wireless connections create broad networking. 

We support local technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth (LE), ZigBee as well as far-reaching IoT networks based on NB-IoT, GSM (X)G, or LoraWAN. 

The possibilities are manifold and the optimal technology depends strongly on the application.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities as well as the advantages and disadvantages of wireless connections.

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Cloud and Datacenter

Whether Ethernet, GSM or WiFi: Many data streams run from embedded devices to a local data center or a supraregional cloud service provider such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or AWS.

We offer the technologies on our devices to establish these connections securely. This includes update procedures, secure boot and device provisioning, among others. 

For a complete solution in which data center applications, cloud infrastructure or data analytics are required, we bring in the expert knowledge of our partners. 

We develop devices that can communicate securely ex works! Together with our partners, we create security for you in technologies, processes and application.

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Mario Salhofer
Solution Consultants and Strategic Partnerships

Security for IoT and embedded products

Ginzinger Secure Solutions


Security by Design

Safe from the start!

A secure implementation usually takes place in 5 steps. 

These steps include the necessary analysis and concept development for a successful implementation: 

  • System and requirements analysis
  • Threat analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Security concept
  • Security implementation

Focus is the selection of the correct technologies and the adapted processes according to the field of application of the product. 

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Security as a process

Safe throughout the entire product life cycle!

We support you in all phases:

  • Secure development
  • Secure supply chain: material and third-party software
  • Secure device provisioning and roll-out
  • Secure updates and the appropriate CVE process
  • Secure product phase out 

Security accompanies our product s throughout their life cycle. 

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Security Technologies

Secure with a wide range of technical solutions

A variety of technically proven methods are available for the flexible hardware and software modular system in order to implement the right level of security.

We offer the following procedures and technology for secure products these include for example:

  • Secure OTA Updates
  • Software Bill-Of-Material
  • Secure Boot
  • Secure Authentication
  • Hardening
  • etc.


Experts as partners

Secure through expert knowledge

In a networked product, hardware is only one component of an entire solution chain. In order to think outside the box and implement a secure overall solution, we offer a customized security package for your product solution together with our partners. 

As experts in secure industrial and consumer applications, our partners contribute in-depth knowledge of methods and technology. 

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We are your partner for secure technologies, processes and applications!