At the HTL market

Together with around 90 companies from the region, Ginzinger electronic systems presented exciting customer projects, job vacancies and career opportunities for one afternoon on March 12 in the auditorium of the HTL Braunau.

Qualified employees for the future

The job fair on March 12, 2024 offered around 90 companies the opportunity to present themselves to graduates and pupils from the 4th and 5th grades of the HTL Braunau for an afternoon.

Ginzinger electronic systems has been using this platform for many years to present its own company and approach potential applicants. The event, which took place in the HTL assembly hall, was an ideal opportunity for the participants to find out about completed projects, job vacancies and career opportunities.

Close partnership

The close connection between the HTL Braunau and industrial companies in the region is strengthened through training partnerships. These partnerships enable the school to receive continuous feedback on the current requirements of the local economy and ensure that the students' training is practice-oriented and relevant. Ginzinger electronic systems has therefore been a training partner of the Braunauer Talenteschmiede for many years. Herbert Ginzinger, founder and Managing Director of Ginzinger electronic systems, explains:

"In order to attract competent employees for the future who have the knowledge required today in the field of industry and digitalization, it is imperative to invest in their training. Thanks to the good organization and exemplary networking of the HTL Braunau with industrial companies, projects can be implemented quickly."

Herbert Ginzinger Portrait
Ing. Herbert Ginzinger

As a long-standing training partner and member of the board of trustees of HTL Braunau, Ginzinger plays an active role in shaping the training content and planning events in collaboration with the business community.

This collaboration has also led, for example, to the construction of the HTL Braunau Industry Space, a state-of-the-art classroom for research into industrial digitalization topics, for which Ginzinger electronic systems has provided ultra-modern computer workstations.

Über die HTL Braunau

The HTL Braunau is a higher vocational school with around 1000 students. In addition to an excellent technical education, the HTL Braunau attaches great importance to projects that are awarded numerous national and international prizes every year. The HTL Braunau specializes in

  •     Electronics and computer engineering
  •     mechatronics
  •     electrical engineering
  •     Information technology

Training at the HTL Braunau offers excellent job prospects and is a good basis for any course of study.

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