Quality support for motorsports

KREISEL Electric offers hi-tech products for the series production of battery-electric mobile and stationary applications. In a project in which battery packs are installed in hybrid cars for off-road motor sports, the cooperation came about.

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Andrea Renezeder Portrait
by Andrea Renezeder

Visionary from Upper Austria

High-tech battery systems and charging infrastructure from Kreisel Electric

KREISEL Electric, based in Rainbach im Mühlkreis/Upper Austria, offers hi-tech products for the series production of battery-electric mobile and stationary applications. In a current project, in which Kreisel battery packs are installed in hybrid cars for off-road motor sports, KREISEL was able to secure the support of Ginzinger electronic systems for the optimization of the sensor boards previously used.

The Mühlviertel-based company is driven by the vision of offering customers the best solutions in the field of battery technology. Together, brothers Philipp, Johann and Markus Kreisel founded KREISEL Electric GmbH & Co KG in 2014, which focuses on battery systems and charging infrastructure for commercial and industrial scenarios. The company has already proven the successful use of its battery packs and battery charging solutions in over 150 successful implementations.

Electrification in offroad motorsport

This is also the case with your current project. The proven battery packs are installed in hybrid cars used in motor sports. Since this year, these have revolutionized off-road motorsport. The electrification of the vehicles means that the maximum is now being extracted from the cars in terms of power and performance.

For the intended use in the rough environment, where shock and vibration resistance as well as a certain resistance to dirt is of great importance, it was necessary to further develop the sensor board used so far, which is installed in the batteries. KREISEL contacted Ginzinger electronic systems for the evaluation of a new printed circuit board, as well as for the associated quality support during the replacement of this sensitive electronic component. The company was to support Kreisel in the requalification of a supplier and take over the associated logistics.

Project start

The whole project was extremely time-critical right from the start, as the newly qualified and assembled PCBs had to be delivered to Kreisel by Christmas 2021. Ginzinger immediately started with the evaluation of the previous PCB. For this purpose, various tests were carried out in the Ginzinger laboratory. From X-ray and microscope to micrograph analyses, the assembly was precisely measured. Subsequently, the potential for improvement of the existing PCB was jointly analyzed in order to define a solution in the shortest possible time.

As a first step, Ginzinger started the procurement project in-house to find a suitable PCB supplier for KREISEL Electric. Ginzinger immediately ordered several PCB samples. These were analyzed in Ginzinger's test laboratory in order to be able to guarantee the quality required by the customer. During the qualification and selection of the supplier, Ginzinger electronic systems supported KREISEL Electric with its know-how in electronics development and production.

After ordering the new, qualified printed circuit boards, the samples were sent to an external small series partner, returned again to Ginzinger and subjected to comprehensive quality controls in-house. This was followed by the final release for the customer.

Request support for your project now

"I am very pleased to have delivered full performance on the road in such a short time on this challenging project. A huge thank you to our quality assurance team, who also delivered great support over the Christmas holidays."

Mario Salhofer Portrait
Mario Salhofer
Customer service at Ginzinger electronic systems

Quality support thanks to 30 years of experience

Despite the current challenges in the components market, Ginzinger electronic systems was able to react quickly and provide its customer with rapid assistance in logistics and series transition. This is made possible by 30 years of experience in the development and production of electronic assemblies and embedded systems in a wide range of industrial and automation sectors. As a full-range supplier of electronic solutions, Ginzinger offers its customers different entry options for a sustainably successful cooperation.

A visit to KREISEL

On May 19, 2022, customer consultant Mario Salhofer, Andrea Renezeder, PR & Public Relations and Reinhard Schmeitzl, Test Equipment & Repair Service visited the project team of KREISEL Electric at the company site in Rainbach/Mühlkreis. On site, the Ginzinger employees received an exclusive insight into the interesting production of the Battery Packs and the installation of the sensor boards evaluated by Ginzinger into the KREISEL customer products from Moritz Plötzeneder, Electrical Engineering and Andreas Wagner, Development Engineer at Kreisel.

from left to right side: Mario Salhofer, Andrea Renezeder, Reinhard Schmeitzl, Moritz Plötzeneder, Andreas Wagner

"Thanks to the great collaboration with Ginzinger electronic systems, we are once again able to offer our customers the most advanced battery solution with unmatched durability, superior safety and ultimate performance. A big thank you to all involved who supported us also during the holidays."

Moritz Plötzeneder
Electrical Engineering at KREISEL Electric

About KREISEL Electric

KREISEL Electric GmbH & Co KG, based in Rainbach im Mühlkreis/Upper Austria, is a pioneer in the field of battery technology and offers hi-tech solutions for the electrification of various mobile and stationary applications. The company was founded in 2014 by the Kreisel brothers with the vision of offering customers the best solutions in the field of battery technology.