Company expansion 2022 at Ginzinger electronic systems

The project is co-financed by funds from the European Regional Development Fund. Thanks to funding from the EU's ERDF fund, investments are also being made in the IT infrastructure & software for an optimized manufacturing process (Industry 4.0).

2022 Ginzinger electronic systems expanded its production. With the addition of a production hall, additional space was thus created for the optimal production of customer products.

To expand the storage and production capacities, Ginzinger electronic systems built a plant extension with storage lifts and automated machines. On approximately 1,000 sqm of floor space, there is now room for a new SMD production line, storage lifts and partially automated assembly islands. The building was officially opened on July 22, 2022 by Ing. Herbert Ginzinger and DI (FH) Michael Berger in the circle of Ginzinger employees.

On the approximately 1,000 m2, the space on the upper floor is mainly intended for production and offers space for another SMT line, as well as for production islands for semi- and fully automated work processes. This relates, for example, to THT production and the selective soldering system. In addition, investments were made in three new storage lifts which have three times the storage capacity of the previous lifts.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Thanks to the funding from the ERDF fund of the European Union, investments are also being made in the IT infrastructure and software for an optimized production process - keyword Industry 4.0.

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