Our accounting department

A very important area of our company is firmly in competent ladies' hands: The accounting department. Adelheid Katzlberger and Margit Werni talk about their work at Ginzinger.

by Andrea Renezeder

Reliable for many years

Adelheid Katzlberger has been with Ginzinger since June 2001. Her colleague, Margit Werni, has been with Ginzinger since April 2014. Both are a well-rehearsed team and are happy to have worked so well together for 10 years. Because the tasks in your field of activity are not getting less, on the contrary. We talked to both of them about their work.

What are your main areas of activity?

I am responsible for the entire financial accounting including liquidity monitoring and the invoicing and dunning process. Large parts of human resources are also part of my job. This includes preparatory payroll accounting as well as all activities related to employees joining and leaving the company. I calculate (remaining) vacations, or the departure date of employees after the end of an employment relationship. And I correct all of my colleagues' accounting hopscotch - in the case of repeat offenders, for a small coffee fee. ?

My activities included invoice control, asset accounting and cash book. As Heidi's substitute, I am also responsible for general accounting issues. Of course, we also do general administrative tasks such as mail, hosting visitors, and am on the front line in the reception area. If necessary, I also step in at the incoming and outgoing goods and in shipping. Unfortunately, there are always staff shortages here. Then I move my workplace to the basement.

Our company is growing steadily, and so more tasks are added.  For example, once the company reaches a certain size, we have an annual audit. I can proudly say that in the last 20 years there have never been any complaints. Another example is the subsidy system.
For the addition of the new hall in 2022, the complete processing of ERDF funding had to be organized and managed. Data must be delivered correctly, the project description must be formulated correctly, and all procedures must be followed correctly. One bears full responsibility whether commitments in the six-figure euro range are approved or not.  

In addition to the activities described by Heidi, we are also the point of contact for our colleagues in the company. They have many questions about vacation, time bookings or organizational matters. New colleagues also sometimes need support and advice on many different topics. We are then happy to help.

How do you keep up to date? Laws and guidelines are constantly changing....

There are constant changes, especially in financial and personnel accounting. We attend the "Bilanzbuchhaltertage" in Salzburg every year. At this two-day event, all legal and tax law innovations and changes are explained. In addition, we continuously inform ourselves and work closely with the payroll and tax consulting office.

What do you like most about your job?

Margit: Fixed asset accounting gives me a lot of exposure to the individual departments. You get to know processes very well, get a lot of information about our equipment and machines. It's very interesting and you realize why we always have to be equipped with the latest technical equipment. We are no longer a small company, but we are still a family business. Everyone knows everyone personally, knows a lot about the family background of individuals. That wouldn't be the case in a corporation.

Heidi: What I like most is the opportunity to work in a self-determined way. Of course, there are fixed deadlines for the monthly or annual financial statements. But beyond that, I can work in a self-determined way. I like that very much, but it requires a high degree of self-organization. And I like the fact that everyone gets along so well.

What do you need to bring to a job in accounting?

A calculator (laughs). No, definitely a high degree of accuracy, sensitivity for numbers and connections. And definitely a very high sense of responsibility.

And I think an open nature is also important for the job. Even if the accountant is often portrayed as an introvert who prefers to sit alone in his or her room. That's definitely not the case with us (laughs).

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