Bauteilabverkauf bei Ginzinger electronic systems

Your electronic treasure is waiting! Use the opportunity and access them to stock electronic components for which Ginzinger electronic systems no longer has a use.

Ensure delivery capability

Being able to deliver is our highest goal. In the recent challenging times, we have put our heart and soul into maintaining an extensive stock of materials so that our customers do not experience any bottlenecks and can be supplied without any gaps. In the meantime, the situation has eased somewhat and we have some electronic components in stock - some of them quite hard to find - for which we no longer have any use. All our parts are 100% traceable and have been professionally stored with us under optimal conditions.

Some examples from our material list:

  • Texas Instruments SN65HVD1780DR
  • Analog Device LT3756EMSE-2#TRPBF
  • ST Microelectronics STM32F103VFT6TR
  • Digi International XB24CDMPIS-001
  • Texas Instruments TVS3300DRVR

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