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With one of the most modern machine parks, we offer you new orders of magnitude in precision, quality and throughput in EMS services. Constantly increasing demands from industry and end customers have prompted us to make the largest investment in the company's history - in our new production line. Consisting of several subsystems, we have created a production line that is second to none.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

EMS SMD Produktionslinie von Ginzinger

Throughput and Precision

SMT Production Line

Produktionslinie bei Ginzinger

Laser Marking System

The serial perpetrator - Asys Insignum 4000 inline laser marking system.

With the laser marking system, customer-specific serial numbers, codes, texts or logos can be lasered into the solder resist of printed circuit boards. Each assembly is clearly serialized and thus unmistakable and traceable.

  • Customized serial number and code generation
  • DataMatrix code up to 1.78 x 1.78 mm small
  • Highly accurate placement by measuring each printed circuit board
  • Code standards: DataMatrix ECC200, Code 39, Code 128, 2/5 Interleaved
  • Standard-compliant verification of readability
  • Different types and colors of solder resist possible
  • Ensures complete traceability according to traceability requirements in regulated markets

Paste Printer

The perfectionist - Speedline MPM Momentum Elite 

The perfectionist. Statistically, 64% of potential defects in the SMT process (according to C.H. Mangin) are caused by poor paste pressure. This changes thanks to the MPM Momentum Elite. The paste printer convinces with complete process monitoring and highest process reliability.

  • Fully automated - exclusion of errors due to manual intervention
  • Highest process reliability through paste monitoring
  • Dispenser for bonding heavy components
  • Short changeover times
  • High printing speeds of up to 305 mm/s
  • Complete process monitoring and traceability


The control freak - KohYoung aSPIre3

The 3D-SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) fully automatically checks the amount of solder paste and adhesive applied. Errors in paste printing are detected by the SPI and necessary corrections are reported back immediately.

  • Precise 3D measurement of paste volume
  • 12 Megapixel camera with 15µm resolution
  • Closed-Loop System - deviations in paste printing are reported back to the paste printer
  • Automatic misalignment compensation in case of multiple-up printing
  • Control of paste depots from 0.3 x 0.15 mm to 10 x 10 mm
  • Integrated evaluation of AOI and SPI measurements in quality assurance

SMT Assembly Line

The high-performance athletes - FUJI NXT III Series

The eight modules of the Fuji NXT III series form the heart of the production line. With them, our SMT line assembles printed circuit boards at an unprecedented speed. With components smaller than before.

  • Fully automated and self-optimizing system
  • Up to 70,000 components/hour throughput
  • Precise measurement of all components and pins
  • Gripper system for large and heavy components
  • Assembly optimized for paste pressure
  • 100% traceability for each board
  • Product changeover during operation
  • Family equipment for complete daily production

Reflow Oven

The hot iron and the cool guy - Vitronic Soltec Centurion CT1040A.

The reflow oven has such a wide range of heating and cooling zones that the PCB can pass through even faster.

  • Lowest stress on components and boards
  • More homogeneous heating of the PCB ensured
  • Seamless recording of soldering profiles
  • Redundant monitoring of all heating and cooling zones
  • Monitoring of fan speed
  • Soldering can also be carried out in an N2 atmosphere on request
  • Highest energy efficiency


The Impression Maker - KohYoung Zenith

The 3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) detects defects that occurred during placement or during soldering. This means a shorter turnaround time and a lower rework rate.

  • Precise 3D measurement with 2µm resolution
  • Complete inspection of all components and solder joints
  • Inspection of coplanarity, tin volume and other quality features
  • Feedback with the entire production line
  • Massive reduction of manual rework control

Measured and tested

AOI - Automatic Optical Inspection

After the soldering process, the electronic assembly is measured in the AOI using a 3D measuring process. If a defect is suspected, the affected assembly is ejected for further inspection and rework. The following parameters can be automatically checked and measured:

  • Solder meniscus, soldering
  • Polarity of components
  • Coplanarity of component and printed circuit board
  • Alignment of components
  • Short circuits due to soldering defects

Highlights of the AOI system at Ginzinger:

  • Precise 3D measurement with 2µm resolution
  • Complete inspection of all components and solder joints
  • Inspection of coplanarity, tin volume and other quality features
  • Feedback with the entire production line
  • Massive reduction of manual post inspection
Ginzinger EMS 3D AOI KohYoung Zenith

Fully Automated Soldering

In order to solder THT components quickly, fully automated and in highest precision, a selective soldering system can be used. The ECOSELECT 4 from Kurtz Ersa is ideally suited for small to medium-sized series where flexibility is paramount. The machine has a high-quality, continuous roller transport system and is equipped with power convection. This ensures optimum homogeneous heating even for the most difficult components. A programmable precision spray fluxer with integrated spray jet control ensures the precise and economical application of flux, both in single spots and in entire paths.

A configurable double-seal system makes it possible to work simultaneously with two different supplies and with solder nozzles of different diameters. Connector strips, for example, can be soldered quickly with a large-diameter nozzle, while solder joints that are difficult to access can be soldered with a very narrow solder nozzle.

Highlights of our selective soldering system:

  • Flexibly integrable soldering system: inline and batch operation
  • PCB mounting 508x508 mm
  • up to two spray heads
  • up to two stocking systems
  • Power convection
  • double crucible y/z-variable
  • automatic nozzle activation
  • extension to full inline machine by independent flux module
  • Automatic measurement of solder wave height

Precisely separated


With the LOW4233XL laser depaneling machine, rigid and flexible printed circuit boards can be separated automatically and precisely. Different materials and thicknesses are separated with reproducible high cut quality, low stress and low dust. Sensitive components are protected. Image-supported teach-in programming ensures automatic position correction in the depanelizer and maximum precision.

Highlights of the depaneling system:

  • UV nanosecond laser
  • Possibility of separating pre-milled aluminum circuit boards
  • Cutter breakage control
  • Flexible pick-up systems for the PCB blank
  • Air ionization
EMS Nutzentrenner bei Ginzinger

We have the insight

X-ray System

With the Nordson Dage Quadra 7, Ginzinger electronic systems has one of the most modern X-ray analysis systems. Electronic assemblies with BGAs and LGAs can be analyzed with regard to solder quality.

Potential weak points are immediately detected thanks to high-quality X-ray images and computer tomography. Whether component positioning, possibly existing voidings in the solder joint, or short circuits between the potentials. Using an X-ray detector, images can be taken with a 6.7 megapixel camera and 0.1 μm resolution.

Tomosyntheses or complete µCT images are obtained in a short time. The 3D inspection enables detailed sectional or layered images of electronic assemblies and components. For multilayer printed circuit boards, specific planes, fractures or cracks can be viewed. Molded components can be inspected, as well as relevant solder joints with regard to fill level and other quality characteristics.

Ginzinger electronic systems also offers X-ray analysis as a service for industries outside of electronics.

Ginzinger Röntgengerät

Extensive test procedures

Metallurgy Lab

The metallurgy laboratory at Ginzinger electronic systems has numerous capabilities for in-depth destructive testing of solder joints, vias and copper layer thicknesses.

The inventory list includes:

  • a grinding-polishing machine for metallographic preparation
  • a cutting machine
  • a high-resolution microscope with 2000x magnification
  • a universal testing device for tensile and compression tests according to EN62137-1-2.
Metallurgie Schleifen

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