Help for refugee family from Ukraine

Ginzinger electronic systems and its employees financially support a Ukrainian refugee family who found a temporary home in Geinberg with a helpful employee. Together, around 2,000 euros were donated.

Andrea Renezeder Portrait
by Andrea Renezeder

The Ohanesian family from Kharkiv landed in Upper Austria while fleeing the war in Ukraine. The Bader family from Geinberg offered their vacant house as accommodation for the family of five. To alleviate the financial burden, Melanie Bader's colleagues at Ginzinger electronic systems collected monetary donations. The collected amount was doubled by the company and handed over to the family on June 8, 2022 including an iPad.

Due to the war, the Ohanesian family had to flee their hometown Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine with about 1.5 million inhabitants. After a detour via Germany, the family was finally able to move into a safe, temporary home in Geinberg on May 2, 2022 - with Melanie Bader, Head of Building Cleaning at Ginzinger electronic systems.

Five people and a bag of possessions

In March 2022, Melanie Bader reported to the state of Upper Austria that her family could provide an empty house in good condition to accommodate Ukrainian refugees.

On May 2, everything happened very quickly: the Baders were informed in the early afternoon that a Ukrainian family was waiting to be picked up in the evening at the Ried/Innkreis train station. There they met the Ohanesian family. Father Rustam (families are allowed to flee together with the father if they have three or more children), Mama Shorik and the children Susanna (11), Milena (10) and Arsen (5) did not have much in the way of luggage: a bag with a blanket, a pair of jogging underpants and two or three pairs of underpants: that was all they were carrying.

Since then, the Baders have been busy at home: moving into their new home, dealing with the authorities, shopping, interpreting. The latter is somewhat complicated, since the family speaks neither German nor English. With the help of a Google translator and "hands and feet" it works to some extent. Until the family is registered with the aliens police in Austria and their further stay including formalities is clarified, the Bader family organizes and finances the stay of the Ukrainians in their house in Geinberg completely themselves.

Call for donations in the company

Mrs. Bader, head of building cleaning at Ginzinger electronic systems, is happy that so many numerous donations in kind and money have already been brought by relatives and friends so far. Nevertheless, Ginzinger electronic systems also wanted to support Mrs. Bader and "her" refugee family and offer financial help. For this purpose, monetary donations were collected at the company in May. Every euro donated by the employees was doubled by Ginzinger. On June 8, a total of 1,735 euros was handed over to the Ohanesian family. On top of that, they received an iPad to help them translate and learn German.

The Bader family and the management of Ginzinger electronic systems would like to thank all employees of the company for their active participation in the donation campaign. We wish family Ohanesian all the best for their further, unfortunately still uncertain future.

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