That was the Ginzinger Repair Café

On June 16, 2023, gluing, screwing and repairing was done in the community hall Weng/Innkreis. Volunteers from Ginzinger electronic systems breathed new life into old equipment while enjoying free coffee and cake.

by Andrea Renezeder

Ginzinger electronic systems invited to the first Repair Café in Weng im Innkreis. At this event, visitors could take a look at the defective devices they had brought along together with Ginzinger volunteers in order to repair them.

screw & tinker

Lively activity at the Repair Café

The repair tables were bustling with activity. People were screwing, talking shop and looking for solutions. Eight Ginzinger volunteers, including company founder Herbert Ginzinger, worked with the visitors to find and fix the faults. From a high-pressure cleaner, an e-scooter, a notebook, to a VHS recorder, many different devices were brought in. Many things could be repaired.

It often doesn't take much to get things working again. In the case of a water pump, for example, a jammed stone was the cause of the defect. After removing the foreign body, the pump worked perfectly again. On the other hand, the controller for the game console of a visitor's grandson could not be repaired at home after a fall.

Even though the problem could not be fixed on site because the required spare part was missing, the team continued to help. "We give the visitors tips on where to buy the spare parts they need and how to install them," said Stefan Knauseder, a volunteer repairman and long-time employee of Ginzinger electronic systems.

"Often, with little effort, you can repair visitors' cherished devices and give them a treat. At a Repair Café, sustainability is in the foreground and I like that."

Stefan Knauseder
Hardwaredevelopment at Ginzinger electronic systems

Repair Cafés in the region

All visitors and Ginzinger employees were motivated and happy that afternoon, even if one repair attempt did not work. After all, good will counts. Over free coffee and cake, people chatted, talked shop and laughed. The voluntary donations will be used to buy consumables for future Repair Cafés.

Repair initiatives like the Repair Café Weng enjoy increasing popularity. Ginzinger electronic systems is already looking forward to the next Repair Cafe, which will take place in 2024. A big thank you to Umweltprofis Braunau for providing the repair kits, the association kuli, as well as to the municipality of Weng im Innkreis for the free use of the community hall.

Ginzinger Repair Café

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