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The guardian of the processes

The guardian of the processes

Quality management representative Peter Hagauer in conversation

Peter Hagauer im Gespräch

Peter Hagauer im Gespräch

Since 2017 Peter Hagauer has been responsible for designing the quality management system with the respective processes in accordance with the standards ISO 9001, EN13485, which are valid at Ginzinger, as well as the requirements of the customers.

Peter, in 2018 many investments were made in the machinery at Ginzinger electronic systems. But also in quality management a lot has happened since the introduction of the management system Consense.
How are things now, almost two years after the implementation of the software? What should the future bring?


We are already quite advanced in the documentation of processes at Consense. Nevertheless, there are still gaps that need to be closed. The goal is to document all processes in the system. After documentation, the next step is to optimize the entire system and process chain. Is all necessary information available? Do input and output fit?

This is a particular challenge across processes and companies. If all processes are documented, it is easier to identify critical process steps and derive necessary training measures from them.  The further expansion of the training system and the associated increase in qualifications is something that is particularly close to my heart.


How are your colleagues with "Consense"?

After initial skepticism, acceptance and understanding that everyone needs consensus and is also called upon to actively participate in shaping it is very high. The colleagues are aware that rules are necessary for daily work. The management system facilitates daily work enormously, not only in predefined process sequences, but also in further education and training measures.




The transparency of all regulations is important. This is the only way to guarantee continuously reproducible processes. As the name of the program says, it is about the "consensus" of all persons and companies involved! Without exception, everyone must act 100% in accordance with it. Only since Consense has been in existence, QM has been really lived in the house. Our structures have also changed completely as a result, all in the sense of a stringent process orientation.

What does the customer get?

The customer can rely 100% on the fact that the quality of his products can be planned and nothing is left to chance. The customer has thus been given "more space" in the company. Customer wishes are implemented in the system in a structured way and realized accordingly. As already mentioned, processes will be defined and maintained across companies in the future. A good example of this is our complaints system. Communication with the customer is defined in such a way that agreements and procedures are mapped using Consense's procedures.



What do you wish for the further implementation of the project?

I hope that all those involved will continue to actively participate in the design and ongoing development of the system. They are the knowledge carriers in the company and the supporting pillar of the company's success. Only in this way can we jointly generate a coherent system.
There are no longer any unwritten laws; existing rules must be made public and checked for their meaningfulness.

True to the motto "Sometimes you have to give up something good to win the better." I'm confident that we can do it together!

Peter, thanks for talking to me.

To the website of the managementsystem "Consense": https://www.consense-gmbh.de/home/




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