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The battle for available components

The battle for available components

Tight components market makes materials procurement difficult

As already reported in our customer update in March, the situation on the electronics market is and remains turbulent. Geopolitical tensions, new lockdowns in China, supply bottlenecks and exploding raw material prices are leading to an extremely tense situation in the electronics components market.

Product innovation is currently being held back by the all-important question, "Where do I get the material for my products?" The current situation is really shaking up long-established procurement processes. Everything revolves around being able to continue producing, no matter where the components come from and no matter what the cost. A small example: processors that cost a few euros per unit two years ago are currently being traded for several hundred euros per unit.

In the course of ongoing discussions with customers and interested parties, Ginzinger electronic systems has quickly discovered that new projects are currently being postponed or put on hold indefinitely due to the all-encompassing concern about producibility. How long this situation will continue cannot be predicted.

The Ginzinger mission statement states: "We live absolute customer orientation and sustainably inspire our customers with "carefree packages" over the entire product life cycle. Passionate about technology, we respond quickly to new challenges and don't give up until we find a solution."

Ginzinger's declared goal is therefore to provide support even in the current critical situation. Since the beginning of this year, we have been actively approaching our customers and interested parties to help procure missing components for the manufacture of their products.

Ahmet Özcan, customer advisor at Ginzinger electronic systems, comments: "At the moment, everyone is having problems procuring components. We can offer competent help and support in the search for critical components that cannot be procured. This is made possible by our very large network of direct contacts in the Asian region (especially Korea, China, Taiwan), in Turkey, as well as in America.

We have already been able to help one or the other customer out of a jam on request and procure components that were not available on the European market."

We observe the market very intensively and are happy to support you in the search and procurement of components that are difficult to obtain. Do not hesitate to contact us! If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal.

We hope for an easing of the situation soon, in order to be able to accompany you again as a complete supplier for electronics development and production with your ideas and innovations.

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