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Secure job in difficult times

Secure job in difficult times

In conversation with Michael Nobis, Head of Customer Service Center at Ginzinger

Michael Nobis graduated from HTL Braunau in 2009 with a degree in electrical engineering and is head of the customer service center at Ginzinger electronic system.

In the current HTL Braunau student newspaper "HTL up to date", he talks about his professional career, among other things.


Michael, how did your career develop after graduating from high school?

Michael: I already laid the foundation during my internships. For two summers I took a closer look at the company Ginzinger electronic systems. I immediately felt at home in this familiar environment. The spectrum of activities is wide, in almost all areas you need a basic technical knowledge.

I started as a developer, where I was responsible for circuit and layout development. The products developed in-house are also mass-produced in the company after prototype production and validation. This means that as a developer you also have a lot of contact with the end customer. Due to the fact that the company Ginzinger electronic systems has grown strongly in the last years, new fields of activity have developed for me.

Thus, after four years, I moved to the newly created Customer Service Center department, which I have been managing for three years now. As the interface between our customers and the internal departments, my team and I take care of quotation preparation, order scheduling and production planning in order to ensure that customer products are delivered on time.

At the moment, many people are having to fear for their jobs. What experiences have you had with this issue?

Michael: Of course, we were initially unsure how the pandemic would affect the individual industries. However, after some consultation with our customers, it quickly became clear that the majority would be able to continue as before, or that some would even see an increase, especially heating technology and railroad safety technology.

This led to the fact that in 2020 we were able to record the strongest sales year since the company was founded. I know from my former classmates that they had similar experiences - jobs in the technical field are very secure - even and especially in difficult times.

That means if you were faced with the choice again, would HTL Braunau be your first choice again?

Michael: Definitely yes. I've been out of school for 13 years now, and I always need the basic knowledge I acquired in those five years.

In this context, I can only advise all students to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Don't just soak it into short-term memory for tests and schoolwork, but try to understand things. That way, you'll always have the opportunity to fall back on that know-how later.

Source: HTL Braunau

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