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Ready for IOT and highly satisfied customers

Ready for IOT and highly satisfied customers

Paso Solutions and Ginzinger electronic systems

For almost all software projects, after successful development of the first basic software, it is time to look for the appropriate hardware platform. This was also the case with a customer of Paso Solutions from Hohenzell in Upper Austria. The question was: Off-the-peg hardware or a customized solution? The decision was made for the modular, scalable hardware platform of Ginzinger electronic systems including its own Linux software distribution.

The Pataky Software GmbH (short PASO) from Hohenzell was founded in 2007 by Herbert Pataky and employs 20 employees today. The range of services includes Business Analytics, Data Warehouse and Artificial Intelligence. But also individual software solutions, mobile apps, web applications, embedded systems, solutions for the cloud and the Internet of Things are part of the service portfolio.


Many renowned companies such as Magna, Daimler or Scheuch trust in the know-how of the Upper Austrian software specialist. In the search for a hardware service provider for the IoT project "Connected Charger" of a customer, a PASO employee contacted Ginzinger electronic systems from Weng im Innkreis. After the initial contact in spring 2019, the cooperation between PASO Solutions and Ginzinger electronic systems was sealed in autumn.


PASO should connect already existing charging stations for lead batteries, which are installed in forklifts, with the Internet of Things (IoT) for its customer. For this purpose, a CAN gateway was jointly developed. This collects the charging data of the forklifts, processes it and sends it via Ethernet or WLAN into the cloud.

PASO developed the application software for the IoT capability of the gateway, as well as the necessary software structure. At the same time, its customer commissioned Ginzinger electronic systems to develop the hardware system platform, driver adaptations and operating system.

Martina Reisenberger, Projektleitung bei PASO

Martina Reisenberger, Projektleitung bei PASO


"For us it was important to be able to accomplish a fast and simple 'Plug & Play' for our customer", explains DI Martina Reisenberger, project manager at PASO Solutions. "After we first checked various readily available hardware solutions, we finally decided for the customized system solution, where hard- and software from Ginzinger electronic systems are used.

This solution is already proven in the market for many years, robust and safe. All these are important factors when it comes to a secure connection to the cloud," says DI Martina Reisenberger.


The platform is based on an embedded Linux system with Cortex-A7 processor, TPM (trusted platform module), CAN bus, Ethernet and WiFi. The Ginzinger platform offers many more possible interfaces, such as for TFT, USB or video. The customized platform is equipped with exactly those hardware and software components that are required for the application. No more and no less. To evaluate the required interfaces, joint workshops were held, where first impressions could be gathered with the "Ginzinger Embedded Linux Development Kits". These "Dev-Kits" had PASO and the customer parallel to the workshops already for first tests directly in the field. For the integration of the IoT device into the cloud, there were several joint analysis steps on the topic of security in advance.



"The i.MX6 UL DevKits used are evaluation platforms based on ARM Cortex-A7 processors. They are particularly well suited for cost-efficient embedded Linux solutions such as simple GUIs or IoT applications", explains Mario Salhofer, customer consultant at Ginzinger electronic systems, enthusiastically. "With the dev kits, customers can test and evaluate their application software already in the initial phase, even if the device hardware is not yet available", says Mario Salhofer.


The porting of the IoT software application from PASO to the Ginzinger hardware platform was carried out without any significant complications, although Ginzinger relies on Linux as operating system in its embedded systems, but PASO used Microsoft's .NET Core for the "Connected Charger" project. This was made possible by the Ginzinger Linux software distribution and development environment "GELin", which has been proven for more than ten years.

Ginzinger DevKit

Ginzinger DevKit

DI Martina Reisenberger, project manager at PASO: "The GELin operating system turns out to be a well thought-out but uncomplicated solution. Since we used .NET Core as development framework in the current project, we quickly found our way around the world thanks to the uncomplicated integration of .NET Core in GELin and were able to implement it without any problems.

Since the product "CAN Gateway" is a connected device (connection to the Internet and the cloud), a strong focus on security was placed from the very beginning of the project. Together with partners of Ginzinger electronic systems, a comprehensive security concept and a maintenance strategy were developed. Here, too, GELin provides secure update solutions and long-term support to ensure a stable and secure platform for many years. The serial production of the CAN Gateway is already in the starting blocks at Ginzinger electronic systems.

After the first pilot series, which has already been produced, the market launch of the product is imminent. Planned are several 1.000 pcs. Gateways per year. Due to the common project a close cooperation between PASO Solutions and Ginzinger electronic systems was established. DI (FH) Herbert Pataky, MA, CEO of PASO Solutions:

Herbert Pataky, CEO PASO

Herbert Pataky, CEO PASO

"We rely on Ginzinger as an Austrian high-tech company with international references, which provides customers with a modular state-of-the-art solution that gives them a real competitive advantage in order to optimize their business models and open up new horizons with digitalization".

The combination of the well-founded software know-how of PASO and the robust embedded hardware platform of Ginzinger electronic systems, proven for many years, was the optimal solution for PASO and its customers to get a stable and industrial product, which could be realized quickly. The two companies are also in constant contact with each other for further hardware projects and can thus complement each other optimally.


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