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Our management gets growth

Our management gets growth

In the 30th year of its existence, the management of Ginzinger electronic systems gets a new member. Starting in 2021, Herbert Ginzinger will be joined by his daughter Tanja Ginzinger, BSc and DI (FH) Michael Berger. Reason enough to introduce you to the two new members of the management team.

Ginzinger electronic systems celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021. Time to pause for a moment and take a look at how it all began.

Herbert Ginzinger: After graduating from HTL in 1979, I worked in a small engineering office, then for a few years as an order processor at a company that manufactured components for automotive and consumer electronics. There I learned a lot about plastic injection molding, stamping technology and about serial production with high volumes. In 1986 I started working as a hardware developer at Wintersteiger AG in Ried/Innkreis. In 1991 I decided to become self-employed and founded "Ginzinger Engineering". Starting at my home in the garage with my wife, the first employees soon joined us and space became scarce. In 1995, we moved to Weng im Innkreis into a former "Kroamerei", and gradually rented other premises and buildings in the town, until in 2007 we erected the company building in the industrial park in Weng.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Herbert Ginzinger: I can't describe it logically, it's a strong inner force that drives you to do it. But I still don't know exactly *laughs*. The fact is, I already had a great affinity for electronics development at the HTL. I think my parents' self-employment also contributed to my decision to take this path.

2020 was the most successful business year so far. Did you believe back then that the company would develop the way it is now?

Herbert Ginzinger: Yes. I always believed in that. The tendency to grow has always been there and is still unbroken. I am not proud. "Stupidity and pride grow on the same wood," goes the saying. But I am glad that everything has developed the way it is now, that more decisions were right than wrong. There is always a portion of luck involved. Luck in being able to do things that interest you, and luck in meeting others who also enjoy doing what they do. Then you can achieve a lot together.

You are working on the gradual handover of the company to your daughter Tanja and to Michael Berger. You will also remain managing director for the time being. When do you retire?

Herbert Ginzinger: The official entry in the company register with Tanja, Michael and me as managing directors will take place in the first quarter of 2021. The next steps will be the continuous handover of responsibility in the individual areas so that Tanja and Michael grow into their tasks. I will be happy to accompany them in this process for as long as I can make a meaningful contribution. There will not be a fixed date on which I say "and goodbye". Retirement is NOT a life goal for me and a complete retirement is hard to imagine at the moment *grins*.

What change can customers expect as a result of the expansion of the management team?

Herbert Ginzinger: The company remains owner-managed, but the responsibilities are now distributed among several people. Tanja will take over administration, development, sales and quality management. Michael will be responsible for production, purchasing and quality assurance.

Tanja, when did you decide to take over the business?

Tanja Ginzinger: There was no specific point in time. The interest has always been there because, or even though, you've overheard a lot of things at home *laughs*. In 2013, at the beginning of the strategy development, my brother
Franz and I were already involved and actively contributed to the development of the strategic thrust. At the time, this was designed so that we children would run the company together. Due to his death, this plan could not be implemented. Nevertheless, I wanted to take over the company and lead it safely into the future. Together with Michael Berger, I am already very much looking forward to the tasks ahead.

Michael, you have been with the company for a long time and know the business like the back of your hand...

Michael Berger: I started at the company in 1999 as a test technician. Although Herbert didn't want to hire me at first because of the long distance *smirks*. Over the years, I was also responsible
responsible for incoming goods and material preparation and prepared parts lists.

With the exception of development, I went through all departments. In 2005, I started part-time training to become a plant manager, and was then also purchasing and production manager, as well as responsible for customer support in the EMS area. In 2011, I made a career change and joined EV Group, an international company. There I was project and key account manager and worked worldwide for well-known customers such as Intel, Samsung and STM. During this time, I also completed a UAS degree in industrial engineering. In 2016, I got a call from Herbert asking if I would like to come back. Since then, I have been back on board and happy about it!

Tanja, what did your career look like?

Tanja Ginzinger: I went to the HTL in Braunau with a focus on environmental measurement technology. After that I went to BOKU Vienna, studied food and biotechnology and was a student assistant at an institute for process and energy technology.
institute for process and energy technology. During the vacations I worked here in the company or in food processing companies. Currently, due to my children, I am at the company three days a week.

Michael and Tanja, which Ginzinger electronic systems projects bear your signature?

Michael Berger: The introduction of the new SMT line in 2017/2018 was a major project for which I was responsible. At around three million euros, it was also the largest machine investment since the company was founded. We now have one of the most modern EMS production lines in all of Central Europe. The introduction of the new ERP system proAlpha was also an important milestone for future changes in the company, such as further digitalization in production. Here, I was also project manager.

Tanja Ginzinger: I was already involved in the development of the growth strategy for the company from 2013 to 2016. I was also jointly responsible for the selection and introduction of the new management strategy tool "Hoshin Kanri". We were able to successfully launch the company-wide implementation in January.



The management of the company is thus being placed in the hands of experienced people who know the company very well and have played a key role in its strategic orientation in recent years. What are the exciting issues that need to be successfully mastered in the near future?

Herbert Ginzinger: We are expanding our production at the main site in Weng in 2021 in order to have even better possibilities in the EMS area and to further increase the degree of automation. Planning for the expansion is already underway. After the construction negotiations have been completed, we will start: 1800 m2 will be added as a total area, half of which will be used for development. It will move from the Altheim site back to Weng. Due to the construction work, we will also postpone our 30th anniversary celebration to 2022.

Tanja Ginzinger: I was already involved in the planning of the new building, and it is now very exciting to accompany the implementation. I'm also currently going through a company circle to get to know areas of the company that I'm not yet familiar with. I'm currently working in production for a year, after which the other departments will follow.

Michael Berger: As already mentioned, the new ERP system and the modern machinery pave the way for further digitization and automation projects, such as the finalization of "paperless" production or the expansion of robotics in combination with AI. We also want to switch to a purely automated digital process for administrative activities, such as the processing of order confirmations or invoice verification. It certainly won't be boring in the next few years. Several other projects are already buzzing around in my head *laughs*.

Dear management, thank you for the interview!


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