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Long-term successful corporate culture with Hoshin Kanri

Long-term successful corporate culture with Hoshin Kanri

Consistent and continuous work on the Ginzinger company strategy

In order to be able to offer our customers a partnership that stands for long-term, mutual success - in a strongly changing and complex environment - we at Ginzinger work consistently and continuously on our own company strategy. Methodically we rely on the Japanese management system "Hoshin Kanri".

With the implementation of "Hoshin Kanri" this year, we have further refined the system for the planning, implementation and ongoing monitoring of our corporate goals. The focus is always on meeting the needs of our customers, actively driving their innovations and ultimately achieving long-term success.

The special thing about Hoshin Kanri is that not only the management level but all employees are actively involved and take responsibility for their actions. They all work out sub-goals for their areas, secure support from other areas, align the goals and implement them consistently. We improve with every goal we achieve. This strengthens both our cooperation and our motivation.

In this way we can offer our customers an economically robust foundation in the long term, giving them a technological advantage in their industry. Changes in the market are recognized early.

Hoshin Kanri offers the ideal mix to maintain what is tried and tested and to react agilely to new requirements. A current market analysis by Weiss Engineering (www.in4ma.de) in the EMS market confirms that this approach is right & important. According to the study, one third of the approximately 1,600 existing electronics companies in the DACH region will no longer exist in five years. As a "complete supplier" of technical solutions over the entire product life cycle, Ginzinger electronic systems is well prepared for the future with Hoshin Kanri. We are a problem-solving specialist on whom our customers can rely 100% in the long term.

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch is a management consultant in Munich and has more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of corporate strategies. She supports Ginzinger in the implementation.

Dr. Kudernatsch, why is Hoshin Kanri particularly suitable as a strategy process for Ginzinger electronic systems?
Dr. Kudernatsch: Ginzinger electronic systems defines as one of the most important company principles a 100% quality standard. This philosophy has been shaped in particular by pioneers in the field of operational excellence, who have been able to achieve immense competitive advantages as a result.

The advantage of Hoshin Kanri is that the focus is on implementation and not only on planning.

What is the concrete benefit for Ginzinger's customers?
One of the breakthrough goals of Ginzinger electronic systems is the successive increase of customer satisfaction - this is the top priority. The activities and measures of each department are aimed at this. In concrete terms this means:

  •     The consistent increase of the quality of results
  •     The creation of a technological advantage for the customers of Ginzinger electronic systems and
  •     the positioning as a full-range supplier of holistic, technical solutions.

The customers of Ginzinger electronic systems will consequently feel these activities.


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