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Layout Tipps & Tricks

Layout Tipps & Tricks

Acceptance criteria according to IPC-A-610 and layout

Data transfer


Gerber data is absolutely essential for calculating a quotation. The printed circuit board manufacturer needs these for quoting. To ensure smooth production, intelligent CAD data should also be provided. All common file formats such as OBD++, ASCII files or IPC-2581 are supported.

The following information defines the requirements for electronic production at Ginzinger electronic systems and is needed for a quick and uncomplicated processing:

    Assembly designation "TEST123
    Assembly type SMT one-/two-sided; THT

PCB data:

    PCB dimension (l x w [mm])
    Copper layers and thickness Number/assembly
    Base material and thickness FR4/xy mm
    Color solder resist Standard is green
    Assembly print Yes/No/Color
    Surface Electroless Nickel-Gold; HAL
    Contours fritted Yes/No
    Impedance controlled LP Yes/No
    IPC-A-610 Class 2 or 3
    Component manufacturer fixed bill of materials
    Customized components
    Functional test
    Climate test

Further tests:

    Test report Yes/No
    UL marking of LP Yes/No
    Customer specific label Yes/No

The manufacturing data and plans are ideally sent as a ZIP compressed file to the customer consultancy.

What belongs in the Gerber package?

    Copper layers (incl. layer structure description)
    Solder resist
    PCB outline
    Assembly plan for SMT
    Assembly plan for THT
    Paste data
    Drilling data
    Laser marking TOP/BOT

Optional: placement print, BlueMask, test point plan

text files:

Placement data

    Component reference TOP/BOT
    X coordinates [mm]
    Y coordinates [mm]
    Rotation [°]

Test point data

    Mesh name or catch holes TOP/BOT
    X-coordinates [mm]
    Y-coordinates [mm]
    Test point size [mm]


Parts list

The following information is required for the individual components:

    Component reference number(s) - consistent with assembly plan
    Description incl. tolerance or manufacturer and manufacturer designation
    Type of construction
    Number of pieces per assembly

NOTE: Preference is given to parts lists in XLS and CSV formats.

Further data

    Circuit diagram as PDF
    Test instruction
    If available: Impedance calculation of the printed circuit board

Materials to be provided

NOTE: Providing materials should ideally be avoided, as sub-optimal component packaging can result in significant additional costs.



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