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Layout Tipps & Tricks

Layout Tipps & Tricks

Fiducial marks and zero point

Fiducial marks and zero point

To enable orientation for measuring the board during automatic assembly, at least two, preferably three fiducial marks must be present on the assembly side of printed circuit boards assembled on one side. On double-sided PCBs, at least two, preferably three, fiducial marks are also required on both sides.

These should be placed diagonally at maximum distance on the PCB. An exemption for the solder resist, which has no structure whatsoever, must be assumed to be twice the diameter of the fiducial.


CAUTION: Do not place the fiducials symmetrically on printed circuit boards assembled on both sides. This ensures that the PCB is measured correctly. In addition, the fiducials must not be covered by SMT or THT components.

The zero point of the PCB should always be in the lower left corner on the component side.

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