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Layout Tipps & Tricks

Layout Tipps & Tricks


The connection of vias to pads should generally be made via traces. This avoids solder migration and the resulting formation of an insufficient solder meniscus.

The distance between via and pad must be large enough to be able to separate them by a bar of solder resist. The smallest solder resist ridge that can be implemented varies depending on the PCB manufacturer.


Caution: If vias with a different potential are located under a component, there is a risk of falling below the minimum electrical clearance (short circuit).





In the right image, a solder drain can already be seen on the left Via. There is also a visual difference to the via without solder drain (right). When inspecting with AOI, there is a risk that the "NOT OK" threshold is set too low and pins that are not soldered correctly (e.g. pin supports) are not detected.


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