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Invitation to the webinar "Embedded Linux"

Invitation to the webinar "Embedded Linux"

Making the right decisions on today's complex electronics projects is not easy. You should know about so many things, but time is limited.
That's why Ginzinger electronic systems helps its customers and interested parties to get a good overview of development projects even before the project starts. In short, crisp webinars on various topics, we share our many years of knowledge. On February 24, the topic will be "Embedded Linux". Everyone involved in electronic product and device development is invited to attend.


Linux successfully in use worldwide

Embedded Linux has long since proven and established itself as the operating system for modern embedded systems. For example, a large proportion of all web servers worldwide run on Linux. It's also hard to imagine everyday life without Linux: whether it's printers, WLAN routers, smart TVs, NAS hard drives for home networks or fruit scales in supermarkets - all these systems are based on Linux.

Linux has been used commercially since 1992 and has been successfully in use ever since. The open source operating system is constantly being further developed by developers all over the world. Numerous distributions have been published since its existence - among the best known are Ubuntu, Debian, Suse or Fedora. As well as these distributions are suitable for desktop and server, their use in embedded systems is only possible to a limited extent.

Linux in embedded devices

Today, device developments must meet the standards from the consumer sector. Intuitive operation, sophisticated graphical displays or worldwide networking (cloud) make the use of a specific operating system mandatory. For this reason, there are various providers for embedded operating systems that offer customized software packages. This has the advantage that only the required functions and libraries are on board.

In his webinar "Embedded Linux" on February 24, Ginzinger will impart basic knowledge on the topic of Linux, shed light on possible areas of application and provide an overview of the various software distributions.

Seminar contents

  •     What is Embedded Linux?
  •     For which devices is Embedded Linux suitable?
  •     Features and requirements for device developments

Target group

  •     Product and project managers
  •     Development managers
  •     Managing director

Info & Registration

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Ginzinger Webinar Room. Participation is free of charge.
You can register here: https://www.ginzinger.com/de/events/



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