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Embedded Systems Security Webinars

Incident Handling Essentials - What to do in case of a security incident?

The value of a Product Security Incident Response Team for industrial manufacturers

Ginzinger electronic systems offers two webinars on the topic "Embedded Systems Security" on October 21 and November 4, 2020, and shows how embedded systems can be prepared against attacks and what to do in case of incidents.

The networking of embedded systems contains many useful functions as well as risks for potential attacks and malfunctions. On October 21 and November 4, 2020, Ginzinger electronic systems will show in two top-class webinars why and what product developers should deal with the topic "Security", how they can "harden" their systems and what to do in case of an incident.

Embedded systems - but safe!

Networked devices offer many useful functions. But networking also carries risks. Potential attacks and malfunctions can quickly turn into a nightmare, not to mention follow-up costs and damage to your image. In the webinars "Incident Handling Essentials" and "Embedded Systems Hardening" Ginzinger electronic systems together with top-class experts shows how device manufacturers can protect themselves against potential cyber attacks and what to do in case of an incident.

Incident Handling Essentials
21. October from 15:00 to 16:00

The webinar will focus on current security developments and the motivation for industrial PSIRTs (Product Security Response Teams).

  •     Security Development & Motivation
  •     Concepts related to vulnerability handling
  •     The Vulnerability Research Ecosystem
  •     What does a PSIRT do? How can it help?

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Embedded Systems Hardening
4 November from 15:00 to 16:00

The goal of embedded systems hardening is to reduce the security risk by eliminating potential attack vectors and compressing the attack surface of the system.

  •     debug interfaces
  •     Cryptography with few resources
  •     Secure Boot
  •     Secure Firmware process
  •     Linux

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Speakers are the renowned OT cyber security experts from LIMES Security. They have many years of experience in the field of IT/OT security.
The webinars will take place on 21 October and 4 November from 15:00 to 16:00 hrs. The participation is free of charge.

target group:

  •     Product and project managers
  •     Development Manager
  •     Security responsible person
  •     Managing Director

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