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In conversation with Tanja Ginzinger, BSc

Girl Power at Ginzinger

In conversation with Tanja Ginzinger, BSc

With immediate effect, Tanja Ginzinger, BSc is steering the fortunes of the company in addition to Ing. Herbert Ginzinger and DI (FH) Michael Berger. We introduce the new member of the management team in more detail.

Tanja, when did you decide to take over the company?

Tanja Ginzinger: There was no specific point in time. The interest has always been there because, or even though, you've overheard a lot of things at home *laughs*. In 2013, at the beginning of the strategy development, my brother
Franz and I were already involved and actively contributed to the development of the strategic thrust. At the time, this was designed so that we children would run the company together. Due to his death, this plan could not be implemented. Nevertheless, I wanted to take over the company and lead it safely into the future. Together with Michael Berger, I am already very much looking forward to the tasks ahead.

Tanja, what did your career look like?

Tanja Ginzinger: I went to the HTL in Braunau with a focus on environmental measurement technology. After that I went to BOKU Vienna, studied food and biotechnology and was a student assistant at an institute for process and energy technology.
institute for process and energy technology. During the vacations I worked here in the company or in food processing companies. Currently, due to my children, I am at the company three days a week.

Tanja, which Ginzinger electronic systems project bears your signature?

Tanja Ginzinger: I was already involved in developing the growth strategy for the company from 2013 to 2016. I was also jointly responsible for the selection and introduction of the new management strategy tool "Hoshin Kanri". We were able to successfully launch the company-wide implementation in January.

Which exciting topics will you have to master successfully in the near future?

Tanja Ginzinger: I was already involved in the planning of the new building, and it is now very exciting to accompany the implementation. I'm also currently going through a company circle to get to know areas of the company that I'm not yet familiar with. I am currently working in production for a year, after which I will move on to the other departments.

Dear Tanja, thank you for the interview!


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