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In conversation with Michael Berger

In conversation with Michael Berger

With immediate effect, in addition to Ing. Herbert Ginzinger and Tanja Ginzinger, BSc, DI (FH) Michael Berger is also steering the fortunes of the company. We introduce the new member of the management team in more detail.

Michael, you've been with the company for a long time and know the business like the back of your hand...


###IMAGE3## Michael Berger: I started at the company in 1999 as a test technician. Although Herbert didn't want to hire me at first because of the long distance *smiles*. Over the years, I was also responsible for incoming goods and material preparation and prepared parts lists.

With the exception of development, I have worked in all departments. In 2005, I started the part-time training to become a plant manager, and was then also purchasing and production manager, as well as responsible for customer support in the EMS area. In 2011, I made a career change and joined EV Group, an international company. There I was project and key account manager and worked worldwide for well-known customers such as Intel, Samsung and STM. During this time, I also completed a UAS degree in industrial engineering. In 2016, I got a call from Herbert asking if I would like to come back. Since then I am back on board and happy about it!

Michael, which Ginzinger electronic systems projects bear your signature?

Michael Berger: The introduction of the new SMT line in 2017/2018 was a major project for which I was responsible. At around three million euros, it was also the largest machine investment since the company was founded. We now have one of the most modern EMS production lines in all of Central Europe. The introduction of the new ERP system proAlpha was also an important milestone for future changes in the company, such as further digitalization in production. I was also project manager here.

What exciting topics will you have to successfully master in the near future?

Michael Berger: As already mentioned, the new ERP system and the modern machinery pave the way for further digitization and automation projects, such as the finalization of "paperless" production or the expansion of robotics in combination with AI. We also want to switch to a purely automated digital process for administrative activities, such as the processing of order confirmations, or invoice verification. It certainly won't be boring in the next few years. Several other projects are already buzzing around in my head *laughs*.

Michael, thank you for the interview!



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