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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Are you now also in the home office? In times of Corona, we are forced to change the way we work. And this is not only to the detriment of us and our companies. We now have to use technologies that have actually been around for many years and learn to organize ourselves differently.

I have been working for many years in a mix of home office, presence in the company and "on the road" at customer projects. I have learned to appreciate this variety. In the home office, I can complete tasks in one go without disruption. The virus is now forcing most office workers into the home office as well. Now we can't just drop in on colleagues ad hoc and steal their time. We are challenged to better schedule exchanges with each other. Meetings with the necessary participants are conducted via video conferencing. And I have the impression that meetings are now better prepared, conducted and followed up.

Collaboration on customer projects has also changed. Forced distance and border closures no longer allow people to quickly drive hundreds of miles for a marathon on-site meeting. Meetings are divided into several units and conducted via the Internet. In between, one has time to reflect on the proceedings and to introduce new aspects or corrections in the next unit. One remains more attentive in the meeting and does not tire so quickly.

We are forced to work more efficiently and achieve higher quality results. You could say that the virus leaves us no choice but to work together in a more planned or, in other words, "engineering" way.

We are also finally learning to work intensively with the not really new technical possibilities that the Internet offers us and that we have been talking about for years. We were promised for years that we could save a lot of travel time and unnecessary kilometers in the airplane or car. So why didn't we do it? Now there is no excuse and no alternative. We can finally evaluate exactly which tools are really useful and which features are nice but not really practical. Many companies have now upgraded their Internet capacities and invested in infrastructure that makes remote collaboration easy. It's a great opportunity - let's take advantage of it!

Again, I am very much looking forward to personal contacts. But I also hope that something of the new work will stick in the time after Corona.


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