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Reaching the goal faster - device development with GELin

Reaching the goal faster - device development with GELin

Device development with Ginzinger Embedded Linux

###IMAGE1## Complex devices consist of different components. Hardware, software and mechanics must work closely together to ensure a stable system in the long term. With GELin, the Ginzinger Embedded Linux Distribution that has been successful for over ten years, the hardware and software platform comes from a single source to quickly realize customer solutions.

Ginzinger Embedded Linux (GELin) is a software development kit for the development of embedded systems. GELin is robust and has been successfully deployed in hundreds of thousands of devices.  The optimally matched software packages are complemented by a modern development toolchain and extensive documentation. Always up-to-date Linux components form the perfect basis for a stable open source platform that conserves resources and is flexibly adaptable. Only what is really needed is used.

GELin is

  •     A customized embedded platform without ballast
  •     Scalable from low-end to high-end
  •     A proven, sustainably established operating system
  •     Future-proof, easily portable and extensible

GELin consists of

  •     Real-time Linux,
  •     fail-safe update mechanisms,
  •     data retention in case of power failure,
  •     extensive touch display support,
  •     current frameworks like Qt, node.js and many more.

Built for our connected world, GELin supports a variety of connectivity options via cable or wireless. Regular updates and security patches keep you in a safe and maintained environment. Optimized for customer specific hardware, GELin allows for minimal boot times and update durations. Thanks to various tools for open source compliance, you can also create proprietary applications - which you do not have to disclose - while complying with the obligations required by the licenses.

Why GELin?

With GELin, hardware developers can focus on their own application, such as the usability and device features of their own device. The underpinnings (graphical displays, key inputs, network connectivity, software updates, function reloading, file systems...) are already provided by GELin. 

  •     Mainline-compliant embedded Linux distribution
  •     Source code completely disclosed
  •     Quick start using turnkey development kits
  •     Comprehensive tools for license-compliant OSS use
  •     Verified, qualified tools, libraries, frameworks
  •     Long-term all-round carefree package, extensive maintenance and support
  •     Security databases for the customer always in view

Application example - GELin in fire engines

For a new generation of operating units, Austrian fire department supplier Rosenbauer International AG set out to find an integrated controller platform.

The requirements for the finished operating system were extensive: A robust and universal operating system was needed for use in and on fire trucks, which is used worldwide in harsh ambient temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to +65 degrees.

The hardware had to provide high computing power for the application in order to process graphical screen, touch screen, dynamic animations as well as multiple video streams without any problems. Fast boot-up within five seconds and standby operation with the ignition off were also crisp requirements.

In terms of hardware interfaces, several independent CAN interfaces, analog and digital camera inputs, LAN and USB were required.


RBC_LCS von Rosenbauer

RBC_LCS von Rosenbauer

When it came to the software, it was very important to Rosenbauer to make it completely open for its "RBC LCS" operating unit to ensure that the complete system could be maintained and serviced by the company itself in the future. It also had to be possible to use the existing Rosenbauer software framework on the unit.

This is because both the firmware and the configuration via CAN, as well as all updates, are carried out via the Rosenbauer Service Tool "RST".  Thanks to the use of GELin, the customer was quickly able to port its own software components to the new system.


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