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GELin Update 20.04

GELin Update 20.04

Release of the latest Version

For ten years Ginzinger has relied on Linux as an operating system platform for customized, sophisticated electronic devices. The use of a powerful operating system simplifies development, maintenance and support of embedded systems.

Twice a year Ginzinger provides extensions - in spring 2020 with GELin 20.04, the next version of the Embedded-Linux-Plattform.

From wristwatches to supercomputers, Linux is successfully used in a wide variety of applications. This is due to the many available turnkey software components, which are maintained and kept up-to-date by thousands of professional and volunteer developers around the globe.

Ginzinger ensures the long-term compatibility and maintenance of its GELin distribution so that users can use the features of the latest versions without friction.


GELin comes with a comprehensive collection of verified and qualified tools, libraries, frameworks, drivers and functions that make it easy to develop robust, durable embedded devices. All components are optimized for the processor platforms of the i.MX family offered by Ginzinger, as well as for resource consumption and runtime and of course intensively tested.


highlights of the 20.04 GELin update:

  • improved process isolation
    + integrated multi-user support,
       user management tool "gelin_passwd"
  • state-of-the art Linux 5.4. LTS for all platforms
  • accelerated video playback in Qt QML applications on i.MX6
  • extensive support for
    + TPM (trusted platform modules)
    + PHP (PHP-7.4.4)
  • Update to Qt 5.12
    + 5.12.7 for target and host,
    + Qt Creator 4.11.2 including  documentation
  • about 230 updates on software components
  • numerous small innovations

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