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Employees guarantee success

Employees guarantee success

In conversation with Ing. Stefan Kinzlbauer - Hardware development


After completing his education at the HTL in Wels, Stefan Kinzlbauer started his career at Ginzinger electronic systems in 2006. For some time now, he has been the person behind the successful events on the subject of "production-oriented hardware design" and has been instrumental in creating the popular Ginzinger EMS Design Guide.

Stefan, you are celebrating 15 years at Ginzinger this year. What connects you to Ginzinger over all these years?

Stefan: In the early days it was the work colleagues. Everyone knows everyone, it was like a big family in which I was accepted and quickly integrated. In the course of the
Over time, many other things have been added. For example, the flexible working hours, the modern work equipment, the interesting tasks. But also the involvement
employees in the development of the company.

In addition to your work as a hardware developer, you have become the figurehead for our customers and interested parties when it comes to "production-oriented hardware design". With a lot of passion you like to pass on your knowledge. How is it that you, as a developer, know so much about production processes?

Stefan: I've always been interested in how electronic products are developed and produced. Because development and production are closely linked at Ginzinger, we can coordinate with production as early as the development phase and eliminate critical production steps in advance.

Conversely, production also uses resources from development to optimize more specialized manufacturing processes. In this close cooperation, you learn one or two tricks of the trade and learn a lot about the processes.

In addition to electronics, there are many aspects of embedded device development that have to be taken into account right from the start of the project, such as security and mechanics. In order for all of this to work together smoothly, the hardware design lays an important foundation stone for this, doesn't it?

Stefan: Hardware design is just one piece of the puzzle among many. For the successful development of a new product or device, you need many of these puzzle pieces.
The concept phase is one of the most important topics. Once the concept is in place, the rest is often "just work." *laughs

What advice do you give to customers and prospective customers with regard to new developments or redesigns?

Stefan: The earlier all parties involved in a new project are involved, the more pitfalls can be avoided in advance. Unfortunately, we see far too often that supposed cost savings reduce quality and drive costs up again elsewhere. This then necessitates additional redesigns that could have been saved.

Since 2016, Ginzinger has been offering the free EMS Design Guide. The popular little helper is constantly selling "like hotcakes". Why should every developer have a copy at their desk?

Stefan: *laughs* Good question. I always have it at my desk. For me, it's a reminder and a valuable aid in my daily development work. There are simply a lot of parameters that you have to know and take into account in the design phase. I am very much looking forward to the new edition.

It will be completely revised, even more comprehensive, and the content structure will be completely oriented to the manufacturing process. This will make it even easier to find the information you need.

When can we see you "live" again?

Stefan: The next two webinars on the topic of "production-oriented hardware design" will take place on November 25 and December 2.

All events and the registration option can be found at www.ginzinger.com/de/events.
I will also be holding a class on this topic at the Embedded Conference as part of the Embedded World trade fair in Nuremberg in March 2022.

Stefan, thank you for the interview!


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