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5S in the workshop

5S in the workshop


At an open day this summer, a project team presented the correct procedure according to the 5S method in the workshop at Ginzinger electronic systems. Every employee could get an idea of the procedure and the correct implementation.

With the help of the so-called 5S method, workplaces and working environments are designed in such a way that activities can be carried out optimally. The method pursues the essential goal of eliminating waste.

It is based on the plan to rid the workplace and its environment of all superfluous items and to create a separate place for each item so that it can be found quickly. This approach is intended to standardize the workplace and the activities performed there and improve the workflow.


It is important to note that this is an ongoing process that should be constantly optimized.
The 5S method originated in production. It was developed by the Japanese Tiaiichi Ono, who also shaped Toyota's production processes.


5S stands for the five Japanese terms Seirii - Seiton - Seiso -Seiketsu -Shitsuke and essentially represents the following 5 steps:

    Visible order
    Keep clean
    Ensure and constantly improve


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