Development Concept

Development Concept

Development concept

Identifying innovative solutions and potential alternatives.

Do you want an innovative solution at the best price/performance ratio?

We show you alternative solutions and help you to base your decisions on facts.

The solution of a task can almost always be achieved in several ways. The development concept is used to discuss, elaborate and agree HOW the task is solved. The systematic and methodical evaluation is one of the essential features of modern product development. We break down your task into logical sub-functions and create a common understanding of the possible solutions. The solution variants are considered and prioritized holistically.

The possible division into hardware and software components is analysed. Cost drivers are identified and the necessary internal and external resources are checked. Clear functional models and prototypes help to quickly understand the advantages and disadvantages of individual solution variants. Feedback is obtained from project participants and end customers.

With this basis the decision about the technically and economically best solution is made. Legal issues such as licenses, standards and laws are also taken into account.


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