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The first impression counts. Embedded systems not only have to work, they should also be easy and intuitive to use and integrate seamlessly into the IT world today.

For successful development of electronic devices

Whether medical technology, mechanical engineering or automotive - in every industry today, the operation, performance and networking of devices are compared with the familiar standards of the ubiquitous smartphones.
Machine controls should be attractive in terms of design and intuitively operable with just a few swipe gestures. Heating systems optimise energy consumption according to current weather forecasts from the internet and can be operated via smartphone. Medical devices explain themselves independently by means of multimedia operating instructions that are updated online. Users want to be able to conveniently download and activate new device functions via the app shop.

In the past, developers of device hardware and software could concentrate on their embedded system in isolation. Today, they have to deal with a growing number of topics related to the use of the respective device and permanently acquire new knowledge, which means a lot of effort. With limited resources and tight schedules, it therefore makes sense to seek support from an experienced development partner.

Despite the rapidly changing demands from the consumer world, industrial users require a much longer service life from their devices. Even in the design of the equipment, care must be taken to ensure that durable components are used, preferably from several sources. In the event of a discontinuation, a quick reaction is required to ensure the integrity of the hardware and software platform.
A good system architecture means that the user does not even notice these changes. Equipment manufacturers go to great lengths to continuously and seamlessly monitor supply chains. Thus, in the event of a discontinuation, innovation projects are often stopped abruptly and sacrificed to the redesign of the established device. Developer frustration increases and valuable market advantage for the introduction of new products is lost. Here, too, it has proven worthwhile to work with a competent partner company over the entire life cycle of the customised hardware and software platform, from development to production.

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