Professional project and solution elaboration through to readiness for series production.

You want to realize your solution professionally? We will develop your complete product up to series production readiness.

Hardware development is based on a careful selection of durable components. We have many decades of experience in the creation of circuit diagrams and extensive know-how in the EMC-compliant design of complex, multilayer printed circuit boards. We create robust electronic assemblies as the basis of your product.

In addition to the hardware, we also have a firm grip on the software for you. We develop your basic software and integrate it closely with the hardware. You have one contact person for the complete Embedded System and will not be sent around in circles in case of wishes and problems.
We are especially proud of our own Embedded Linux Distribution GELin. Here you can draw on the full potential for your application. The whole Open Source world is at your disposal. In this way, you can implement state-of-the-art user interfaces, Connectivity and device functions without having to reinvent the wheel every time. We are also happy to support you in the development of application software and integration into Cloud and IoT systems.

High-quality materials, surfaces and housings are crucial for the success or failure of your product. With production-oriented mechanical development and an experienced partner network, we create solutions at the highest level and help you save costs.

Of course we take care of all necessary final tests and certifications of your solution. Our experienced technicians support you in building up knowledge at your premises and in your documentation.

And with everything, we always have the costs under control.


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