Electronic Manufacturing Service

Test equipment, packaging and logistics

Highest delivery reliability through complete testing, protective packaging and prudent logistics.

Test equipment - as customised as your electronic solution

Customised electronic solutions require customised test equipment. Our test equipment construction department develops and creates the appropriate measuring equipment for the individually manufactured customer products. The competent and experienced team ensures that all assemblies only leave the premises after successful testing.

The creation of test equipment and test systems requires precise planning, accuracy and perseverance. The challenge with each individual test fixture is to achieve optimal test coverage. There should be neither too much nor too little testing. Anything else would be missing the point and would only drive up production costs unnecessarily.

Test equipment is one-of-a-kind and is precisely adapted to the requirements of a product. Furthermore, care must be taken to minimise testing times in order to optimise the unit costs of a product. A high degree of automation helps to reduce costs.

The many years of know-how in test equipment construction, coupled with the numerous internal test methods, makes it possible to check and test customer-specific assemblies before delivery, thus ruling out malfunctions. This is the only way to prevent subsequent time-consuming and costly product recalls.

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Your advantages

  • In-house test equipment development and construction
  • Decades of experience in the creation of economical test systems
  • All-round complete service and transparency for the customer
  • Complete data recording of test results
  • Import of customer-specific software and confidential keys in the test field

The right packaging and logistics for your electronic products

Electronic assemblies are sensitive. With the right packaging, your products are protected from damage during transport. In addition to ESD, damage caused by knocks, impacts or falling down are among the greatest risks when shipping electronics. Sensitive electronic components are even particularly susceptible and are often destroyed, damaged or have their service life shortened by even minor mechanical stress. Electronic components also react particularly sensitively to climatic influences. Humidity and moisture can cause irreversible damage to the product. Therefore, it is important to consider not only product-specific requirements but also those for packaging and logistics.

Logistics must also be adapted to the rapid innovation cycles of the electronics market. Precise timing of the procurement of all necessary components for production are the daily bread of our experienced buyers. In the distribution of your components, we ensure the agreed stock levels on a daily basis and supply you with the desired call-off lots at short notice.

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Your advantages

  • The complete supply chain under control
  • Strategic purchasing ensures seamless availability
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Highest delivery reliability

You too can benefit from our new dimensions in precision, quality and throughput!