Electronic Manufacturing Service

Supply Chain Management

All the necessary components in the right place at the right time and at the best price.

Security of supply in electronics manufacturing

Electronic devices consist of countless components from different manufacturers. If just one component cannot be procured in time, the complete device cannot be produced.

We are well networked with international suppliers and procure your components at the right time and at the best price. We precisely schedule the supply chain and the production of your products and supply you with the desired quantity at the desired time. We work closely with our suppliers and customers. Our professional procurement management ensures long-term availability of all necessary components.

Even in the first step, product development, we pay attention to the use of components that are available in the long term and ideally from several sources. We monitor the development of price and availability of each component in order to quickly nip potential risks in the bud with our customers.

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Your advantages

  • Digitalised purchasing processes
  • Connection to international component databases
  • Professional warehousing
  • Benefit from a common parts base
  • Supplier management with personal contacts

Benefit from our new dimensions in precision, quality and throughput!