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What is Embedded Linux?
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GELIN - Ginzinger Embedded Linux

Robust and Reliable Platform for Your Devices

Embedded Linux has long since proven itself as the operating system for modern embedded systems and has established itself sustainably. Today we use embedded systems every day and make use of their functions that make our lives easier. Whether it's the printers in our offices, the Wifi router in our own four walls or the fruit scales in the supermarket - all these systems contain small computers that reliably do their job.

Ginzinger develops tailor-made, fully integrated complete embedded solutions for its customers. With GELin, the Ginzinger Embedded Linux Distribution, we rely on our own hardware and software platform. You receive a proven and reliable solution from one source and have only one contact person for development, maintenance and support.

A comprehensive collection of verified and qualified tools, libraries, frameworks, drivers and functions make it easy to develop robust and durable embedded devices. All components are optimized and intensively tested for the NXP i.MX processor platforms family offered by Ginzinger as well as for resource consumption and runtime.

Embedded Linux Areas of Application

Embedded system with i.MX processor module

Embedded system with i.MX processor module

Linux has been in commercial use since 1992 and has been used successfully from wristwatches to supercomputers. The open source operating system is constantly being further developed by developers all over the world. Numerous distributions have been released since its inception - the most famous include Ubuntu, Debian, Suse or Fedora.

Although being suitable for desktop and server applications, their use in embedded systems is only possible to a limited extent. Exactly for this reason there are different suppliers for embedded operating systems. These offer customized software packages that only have the required functions and libraries on board.

The openness of the source code provides, in addition to the investigation of the cause in case of errors, above all an insight into the function of program parts and libraries. Thus proven approaches to problems and "school-like" programming techniques are illustrated.

Today, device developments must comply with consumer standards. Requirements such as intuitive operation, sophisticated graphical representations or the desire for worldwide networking (cloud) make the use of an operating system absolutely essential.

Benefits of Ginzinger Embedded Linux

  • Ginzinger is responsible for the entire platform. You have only one contact person.
  • Source code is completely disclosed. If required, you can have it checked by independent experts at any time.
  • Quick start through your Linux on the desktop / Rapid Prototyping.
  • Minimal resource requirement due to the tailor-made solution, strictly according to your specifications.
  • GELin is well maintained and continuously developed. Long-term availability and maintenance are part of the all-round carefree package.
  • Linux know-how is widely spread. Application developers all over the world find their way around immediately.
  • Hardware & software are optimally coordinated. You save the effort for integration and maintenance and concentrate purely on your customer benefit.

Ginzinger Embedded Linux Features

Twice a year, Ginzinger electronic systems provides GELin releases. For customers with maintenance contract GELin 20.10 is currently available.


  • Support for Open Source Licence compliance checks. Automatic collection of licence information and documentation.
  • State-of-the-art development tools like GNU Cross-Compiler Suite, QtCreator, Eclipse IDE
  • Intuitive configuration tools for projects, kernel and file system
  • Software frameworks such as Qt5, NodeJS and proven concepts for data management, failsafe update, multi-touch displays and the like
  • Comprehensive collection of proven and validated drivers for supported processors, hardware components and interfaces
  • All source files and necessary license information
  • Long term support with security fixes
  • 64Bit Host Support
  • 3D acceleration on i.MX6 (OpenSource, Mesa 17)

Why Embedded Linux?

In our opinion, embedded Linux has the decisive advantage that many different technical requirements, interfaces, processes, USB and Ethernet connections can be implemented with a single operating system. It simplifies these processes - that is the decisive advantage.

Ing. Carina Schnaitl | W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos

In the age of IoT and Industry 4.0, proven software libraries offer decisive advantages in terms of network communication, remote access and intuitive user interfaces. In addition, complex logics can be implemented independently of hardware and easily ported to future hardware generations. GELin is characterized by its excellent adaptability and is perfectly optimized for customer-specific requirements.

DI (FH) Stefan Larndorfer, MSc. | sequality software engineering

With GELin, Ginzinger provides a comprehensive Linux distribution including a development environment to easily create software packages for embedded devices. Thanks to excellent maintenance and support, the distribution is always up to date and contains components with which modern software can be developed. The close customer contact is an advantage - Ginzinger always has an open ear for special customer requests.

DI (FH) DI Michael Siegel | ETA Heiztechnik

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