Lifecycle Management

When components are no longer available

The bill of materials in view with continuous control of price and deliverability


Why obsolescence management?

Electronic devices consist of countless components from different manufacturers. If a component cannot be procured, the complete device cannot be produced.

That is why we at Ginzinger ensure the long-term availability of all necessary components with professional procurement and obsolescence management. Already in the first step, the product development, we pay attention to the use of components that are available in the long term and ideally from several sources. We monitor the development of price and availability of each component in order to quickly nip potential risks in the bud with our customers.

If a component is really no longer available, we take care of the redesign of the assembly in good time. If a change of hardware requires new drivers and adjustments to the software, our experts in development will provide the appropriate solution. Ideally, your customers and application developers will not even notice the changes to the hardware and software platform of your device.

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Your advantages

  • Extended product life
  • Professional risk management
  • Early information through close supplier relationships
  • Permanent cost control

Your partner for the entire product life cycle