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About ETA Heiztechnik
Behind the scenes

Boiler with touch

From Hausruckviertel to the whole world!

Technicians refer to the efficiency of a heating system with the Greek letter η, which is pronounced "eta". ETA boilers stand for more heat with less fuel consumption, for environmental friendliness and sustainability. The specialisation is in biomass heating systems, i.e. boilers for logs, pellets and wood chips. The latest technology is coupled with naturally growing resources. With a production of over 10,000 boilers per year and an export quota of > 80%, ETA is one of the market leaders.

For the company ETA Heiztechnik several generations of embedded systems with touch displays for the operation of boilers based on GELin (Ginzinger Embedded Linux) were realized. Furthermore Ginzinger develops additional components for the control systems and supports the developers of ETA in their designs.

All electronic components of the boilers are produced at the production site in Weng im Innkreis.

The best proof of the long and trustful cooperation is the new edition of ETA boilers with touch screen. After the world novelty, which was awarded the Innovation Prize in 2009, the new generations of appliances with 7" glass touch control panel based on GELin.


Honest words

Ing. Herbert Ginzinger and I have known each other for many years now. And as with many other business partners, we have not only a business relationship here, but also a friendly one, which rests on three pillars: Honesty, reliability and quality. This is what Mr. Ing. Ginzinger stands for. And these three values are the basis of every company mission statement. Nothing more is needed.

Dipl.-Ing. Ferdinand Tischler | Managing Director | ETA Heiztechnik GmbH

Behind the scenes

The project team

Ing. Herbert Ginzinger
Ing. Herbert Ginzinger CEO and Founder
Ing. Michael Nobis
Ing. Michael Nobis Customerservice Center
Ing. Stefan Knauseder
Ing. Stefan Knauseder Hardware Development
Patrick Hütter
Patrick Hütter Kundenservice Center
Ing. Manfred Schlägl
Ing. Manfred Schlägl Software Development


Questions to our customer

Dipl.-Ing. Ferdinand Tischler


Dipl.-Ing. Ferdinand Tischler

Ginzinger electronic systems defines itself in its new mission statement as an owner-managed, medium-sized company, which stands for openness, honesty and long-term personal relationships with handshake quality. But how important are such statements and visions in general for our customers?
We talked about this with DI Ferdinand Tischler, managing director of ETA Heiztechnik GmbH, Hofkirchen/Trattnach.

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Mr. Tischler, do you read the mission statements of your business partners? How important are such statements like "owner-managed, medium-sized company"?

Dipl. Ing. Tischler: " This is not the first thing I look at. First of course comes the quality of the products, a reliable service. But in a long-term relationship, which we have been cultivating with Ginzinger electronic systems for years now, one clearly experiences and appreciates the advantages of an owner-managed company compared to companies listed on the stock exchange. And that in good times as well as in bad. Large companies are under even greater economic pressure, have to pay attention to their share price every day and therefore often make decisions that one would not expect as a business partner".

Can you precise that?

Dipl. Ing. Tischler: "I recently read an article about the oil industry. Because of the low oil price, these companies are currently making enormous savings, both in personnel and in investment. To put it bluntly, you could say that the industry is saving itself to death. In any case, this article warned of the imminent disaster that could result from this radical austerity policy. After all, what happens if one day the price of oil rises again, but the necessary resources are completely lacking?"

Does an owner-managed company react differently in times of crisis?

Dipl. Ing. Tischler:  "Yes. It's no secret that our industry is also suffering due to the low oil price. But we, as an equally owner-managed company, are not reacting with radical staff reductions. Together with our employees, we pay attention to socially acceptable solutions. This means that we reduce overtime and existing holiday surpluses and look for part-time solutions. We are doing this because we are already preparing for the next upturn, and for this we need our proven workforce. Of course, we also pay attention to costs, profitability and efficiency. But in times of crisis, a listed company is forced to react quite differently.

Do you see advantages from your experience if your business partners are also owner-managed companies?

Dipl. Ing. Tischler: "This combination definitely makes sense. To put it bluntly: equals and equals do like to come together. This applies to both suppliers and customers. After all, in addition to the dependence of stock market-oriented companies on the share price described above, large companies often suffer from not being able to make decisions quickly enough. I am speaking here from my painful experience with large companies. When I finally say in our company, after previous, extensive and necessary discussions, "This is how it is done, then this is how it will be done from now on". Decisions at large companies take far too long, and that is simply no longer possible in our fast-moving times. The market demands quick decisions, n

Back to the topic of vision. What is the vision of ETA Heiztechnik?

Dipl. Ing. Tischler:  "We defined this years ago and it is defined in one sentence in a simple and understandable way: We want to become the largest biomass boiler manufacturer in Europe. We have been working consistently towards this goal for 15 years. And thanks to the many satisfied customers, the high quality of our products, the service quality and the competence of our staff, we are well on the way to achieving this goal. Of course there are always setbacks, but the goal remains unchanged. We know where we want to go."

Finally, one more question: What do you think are the most important points in the cooperation with other companies?

Dipl. Ing. Tischler: "I take as an example the person Ing. Herbert Ginzinger. We have known each other for many years now. And as with many other business partners, we have not only a business relationship here, but also a friendly one, which rests on three pillars: Honesty, reliability and quality. This is what Mr. Ing. Ginzinger stands for. And these three values are the basis of every company mission statement. More is not needed. But to really live these values is hard enough. But owner-managed companies do it easier than large companies."

Thanks for the talk.

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