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About AMO
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Inductive measuring systems for highest precision and robustness

AMO GmbH, located in St. Peter am Hart, Germany, realizes measuring systems for geometric quantities based on the inductive scanning principle AMOSIN®, which combines the accuracy of optoelectronic and the robustness of magnetic methods.

They are mainly used in machine tools and other, related sheet metal and metal working machines as well as in medical technology and printing machines up to special systems for electronics and semiconductor production, automotive and aerospace industry.

For more than two decades Ginzinger has been taking over the production of highly complex electronics for AMO.


Behind the scenes

The project team

Siegfried Ruhri
Siegfried Ruhri Business Development, Consulting Austria K, ST, B
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Questions to our customer

Ing. Heinz Eisschiel


Ing. Heinz Eisschiel

"We generally prefer suppliers who are located within a radius of approx. 100 kilometres", explains Ing. Heinz Eisschiel, commercial manager of AMO GmbH, and justifies this logically: "Of course, problems or questions always arise in the cooperation with our suppliers. And the shorter the distances, the faster and cheaper such problems can be solved. "###MORE##

For 18 years now Ginzinger electronic systems has been producing flat modules for AMO GmbH. The development of these groups is done by the employees in the AMO development department. "This will not change, because the development work is the heart and brain of our company", says Ing. Eisschiel. The AMO employees also handle the final assembly of the flat modules.

Wherever development enjoys such high priority, exciting and new things are created. Eisschiel gives two examples of this:

Next year robots with AMO angle measurement systems will be delivered. Thanks to AMO technology, these robots will for the first time also perform more complex tasks such as drilling, milling and cutting. The robots are currently undergoing a long-term test.

The second exciting project literally "goes up in the air". AMO developed measuring instruments for well-known aircraft manufacturers, which have to function in a temperature range from minus 55 degrees to plus 80 degrees Celsius. The qualification and test phase lasted over two years and was completed positively at the beginning of 2015 and the start of series production approved. The technical objective: the exact and permanent alignment or tracking of the antennas mounted on the aircraft for contact with various satellites. The advantage: passengers can surf the Internet during the flight.

All existing aircraft will be retrofitted with these measuring instruments and all new aircraft will be equipped with them. And by the way and in all modesty, the commercial director points out that AMO is the world market leader in the field of angle measuring devices for computer tomographs.


Eisschiel struggles with a problem: "Hopefully we won't grow as strongly in the next few years as in the past two years. The increase in turnover was 60 %. And this every year. That brings problems with it", says the commercial manager, who expects a growth of 20 % for the coming years. And the mayor of the St. Peter am Hart community is pleased about this, as thanks to these positive prospects the number of employees will increase from the current 95 to 250 in the next five to seven years.


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