From EMS service provider to full-service partner

As part of the worldwide Omicron electronics group, ADRESYS Adaptive Regelsysteme Gesellschaft m.b.H. in Salzburg is a partner for occupational safety in the electrical sector. For its latest product, ADRESYS turned with confidence to its supplier Ginzinger electronic systems. The latter immediately went from being an EMS service provider to a full-service partner.

It happens faster than you think: A careless grip in the wrong place, or briefly losing your balance, you touch an electrical line and electricity flows. For electricians or people who are exposed to the danger of electrical voltages, this can have life-threatening consequences. Providing maximum support for such activities was therefore the main reason for the company to develop the innovative ANGEL product.


About the customer


ADRESYS Adaptive Regelsysteme Gesellschaft m.b.H., based in Salzburg, is a competent partner for occupational safety in the electrical sector. Around 20 employees develop state-of-the-art products for testing in electrical high- and medium-voltage systems, as well as for the occupational safety of everyone who has to deal with dangerous electrical voltages. ADRESYS spent around three years developing and pioneering its Smart Textile ANGEL, an intelligent helper for the electrical industry that detects emergency situations in the electrical sector. The high-tech shirt is full of smart electronics. It detects accidents and alerts the emergency services. The complex algorithm, which only triggers in the event of contact with electricity, and also the issue of data protection were major challenges in the development, which ADRESYS successfully mastered.


Smart Electronics, Smart Textile & App


The system works via the intelligent interaction of a central control unit, the "Genius," a smart textile shirt and an intuitive smartphone app. The removable Genius is clicked into a holder on the shirt. It communicates with the user through visual and acoustic signals. A conductive textile cable connects sensors on both upper arms of the wearer to the control unit.

In the event of contact with electricity, integrated electrodes in the cuffs of the shirt measure a voltage drop between the upper arms. This indicates that current is flowing and the device reliably detect an electrical accident or fall. Via Bluetooth, the connected smartphone app is activated. The last known GPS position, as well as the accident data, are automatically forwarded to in-house first responders.

In addition, the external emergency call center can be booked to call back. If the emergency center does not reach the victim, the rescue chain is automatically set in motion. The wearer of the smart T-shirt also has the option of sending an alarm manually at any time.

The goal

Analysis & optimization of the prototype and series production

ADRESYS develops design, housing, as well as the hardware and software of its devices itself. As an EMS partner, Ginzinger electronic systems has been working for ADRESYS for several years. For the new product, too, ADRESYS relied on Ginzinger's manufacturing expertise. Already in the prototype phase, Ginzinger and ADRESYS jointly analyzed the possibilities and potentials to produce the product more efficiently and economically. Ginzinger's optimization suggestions were gladly accepted by ADRESYS. The results from field tests with pre-series units were also taken into account and incorporated into the series product. In the course of the project, Ginzinger developed from a pure EMS service provider to a consulting partner and full-service provider for ADRESYS.

Arbeit an der EMS Broschüre von Ginzinger


Industrialization process

Housing assembly

The optimal design of the ANGEL housing, including mounting and bonding of the electronics, turned out to be more complex than initially thought. The housing had to be gas-tight, since it is used directly on the body, and must remain fully functional despite the user's perspiration.

Rapid charging of the batteries

For efficient and rapid charging of the battery for ANGEL, Ginzinger Prüfmittelbau developed and built its own charging station to be able to charge a complete batch of 280 lithium-ion batteries simultaneously.

Component procurement

Due to the current challenges on the component market, critical components were procured at an early stage in order to ensure seamless delivery capability from the time of market launch.

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"Our decision fell immediately on Ginzinger. We appreciate Ginzinger because we could already rely on their competences in the past. The high quality of the products and the impressive know-how are decisive for us for the partnership. In addition, it is important for us to have partners from the region."

Ulrich Klapper
Managing Director of ADRESYS

Project Start

Converting challenges into solutions

A major challenge of the industrialization of electronic devices is that changes and optimizations to the product, the housing, the function and the production process can occur continuously until series release. In 2021, production started at Ginzinger electronic systems after the field tests. In addition to EMS production and extensive testing of the electronic assemblies, Ginzinger also takes care of the complete housing assembly, bonding, printing, electronic charging of the batteries and customer-specific packaging. The final packaged product leaves the factory fully charged, including installed software, the battery charging cradle, which is also produced at Ginzinger, and product packaging.

Robert Hebertshuber, Test Equipment Development, explains: "A complete GeniusCharge is fixed in a charging cabinet with eight drawers by means of magnets on the underside of the charging contacts. This allows it to be charged all at once. Due to the high amperage required for the charging process, each drawer is extra fused. Should a short circuit occur on one level during charging, it is ensured that it is disconnected from the supply and cannot cause any further damage. A built-in overtemperature cutoff in combination with a smoke detector provides additional safety: It interrupts the complete power supply of the connected 90-amp power supply in the event of a trip."

"Only when hardware, software, mechanics, function and operation are optimally matched will the user accept and appreciate a product. At Ginzinger, we are used to the fact that change requests have to be fulfilled until just before series production".

Andreas Pfeiffer Portrait
Andreas Pfeiffer
Head of customer service and marketing

Full service support, no matter where you are with your project

Fast to market

Rapid industrialization thanks to over 30 years of experience

The ANGEL electronics are produced in large quantities at Ginzinger electronic systems in Weng im Innkreis. Due to the current challenges on the component market, critical components were procured at an early stage. Thus, the uninterrupted supply capability is already ensured from the market launch. The rapid industrialization of this innovative product by ADRESYS builds on 30 years of experience in the development and production of electronic products.