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LineUp4 represents the classic game "Vier Gewinnt" in electronic form and was developed and manufactured as a give-away for customers and interested parties. The playing field consists of an LED matrix with seven columns and six rows.

The different colors of the "game pieces" are represented by the LEDs. Capacitive buttons at the bottom of the playing field are used to select the column in which the next "token" is to be inserted.

1) Aim of the game

In LineUp4, each player tries to place four tiles of their color (red or green) in a row. This can be done vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

2) Switch on

LineUp4 is started by shaking it. The words "LineUp4" appear as an orange ticker.

3) One- or two-player

After you have started LineUp4, you can choose between one- or two-player mode (see picture). To do this, press any button below the corresponding number.

4) Gameplay

The playing field consists of an LED matrix with seven columns and six rows and is empty at the start. One square is occupied with each move. The green player starts and places the first piece in the bottom row by tapping one of the capacitive buttons.

    Single player mode

In one-player mode, the computer is your opponent. After you have placed the first piece, it is the AI's turn. You take turns until someone is the first to place four pieces in a row.

NOTE: If you win against the AI, the difficulty increases in the next round. If you lose, the computer opponent becomes weaker again. The current difficulty level is displayed in the right-hand column after each game.

    Two-player mode

If you have selected the two-player mode at the start, you take turns with your opponent until someone is the first to get four pieces in a row.

5) Result display

Here you can see the current difficulty level in the right-hand column.

Picture left: "won" | Picture right: "lost"

6) Switch off

LineUp4 can be switched off by pressing and holding the middle button. This happens automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity.

If you were in single-player mode, the game will continue the next time - even if you have switched to two-player mode in the meantime. In two-player mode, the score is deleted when you switch off.

We would like to thank the companies GBM Kunststofftechnik und Formenbau GmbH and LeitOn GmbH for their excellent cooperation and support with the plastic housings and circuit boards.

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