Requirements Analysis

Requirements Analysis

Requirements analysis

Collaboratively defining an understanding of the problem and requirements.

You have a product idea? We will support you in the formulation and prioritization of your requirements.

For the success of a project it is crucial to deal with all possible users of a product right from the start. What does the end user expect? What does the service technician need? What is the sales department thinking about? What does production, IT, management need?

At the beginning of a project we offer you a detailed requirements analysis. This serves to further develop the idea together, to concretize vague ideas and to prioritize wishes. We begin by creating a common understanding of the problem and reaching agreement with the most important people involved on the project goals. Subsequently, the individual requirements are described, analysed and prioritised as completely and in detail as possible, with measurable statements. In addition, important technical, organisational and commercial boundary conditions are defined. A description of all terms used in the project helps the participants to avoid potential misunderstandings from the outset.

In moderated workshops, information is collected, documented, discussed and refined with as many people as possible who are affected by the project. In this way, a comprehensive collection of requirements is compiled, which are continuously prioritized and elaborated on the basis of economic efficiency and technical feasibility.


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