Series Production

Series Production

Series Production

The agreed quantity of your product is delivered on time at the agreed price.

You need your product on time in the desired quantity, at the agreed price? We secure your supply chain.

Your product is on the market and you must be able to rely on your suppliers. We will deliver the desired quantity of products with consistent quality at the agreed time. With buffer stocks and a forward-looking purchasing policy we ensure your availability. We produce your products under constant climatic conditions on state-of-the-art machines. And just in case, we can minimize your supply risk with a second production site.

Supply Chain and costs are continuously controlled and optimized by us. In case of impending discontinuations and cost increases, you will be informed by us in time and we will suggest possible solutions. Since we are responsible for the complete hardware and software platform in our developments, you will not even notice hardware adjustments in your application software.

If you offer products for regulated areas such as in medicine or traffic engineering, you have to prove highest safety and quality. We support you in this by providing 100% traceability, certified processes and the implementation of the required regular tests. If your products are damaged during use, we can also take care of repairs and provide you with second level support if required.

When using your product in the market, new requests for extensions and improvements from various sources are constantly coming in. In production, too, we are constantly learning and finding possibilities for further optimisation. In the course of comprehensive platform maintenance, we keep your product up to date, ensure compatibility and close security gaps in the software if there is any danger.

As your partner, we think ahead and further with you and continuously collect ideas and suggestions for improvement for future versions of your product.


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